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In this era of smart appliances, smart TVs play a big role in the field of entertainment. Smart TVs are not just a screen where you can watch movies or can watch your favorite channel.

It let you do many more things like play video games, convert into your PC or connect to the internet and enjoy your shows on any OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Smart TVs have become a source of attraction and fill the space in your living room or your bedroom.

Though there are many different types of Smart TVs are available in the market.

But a perfect size TV will in your living or bedroom increase the elegance of your room.

75 Inch Led Tv

If you have a medium-size or large size living area where 6 to 8 people can chill and enjoy their favorite content. Then you must have an android smart LED TV of 75-inch size.

The perfect size of the TV is very important when you are buying it.

A 75 inch Full Hd Led Tv will be the best option for your living room, and you can have the experience of a cinema at your home.

If you are looking for one, you can go for POWER GUARD 75 INCH LED ANDROID SMART TV with ultra 4k resolution.

TYPES OF LED TVThere is a wide range of led tvs in a particular size.

In 75 inches you can select any HD Led Tv like Non Smart Led Tv, Smart LED TV, Android Smart TV, QLED TV, and Frameless Led Tv.

A 75 inch LED TV comes with high resolutions but you can choose as per your requirement. Resolution is a measurement quantity of picture quality.

The higher the resolution of LED TV higher will be the picture quality. Though picture quality depends on many factors like brightness, image retention, color, response time, and viewing angles.

All types of LED TVs have their specifications and resolution types.

LED TVs and QLED TVs are likely similar to each other as they both use the same LED backlights in their panels.

But QLED TVs have quantum dot technology which produces a wider range of colors.

For a better view, you should go for a high-resolution TV. A 75-inch android smart TV in ultra HD 4k resolution will be the best option for you.

Best 75 Inch Tv

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Smart Led Tv - A TV that let you connect to the internet and you can enjoy all of the content available on the internet whatever the operating system is.

Smart TVs are equal to having a computer on your TV. You can convert it into your PC whenever needed.

Smart TVs are very reliable, easy to use, and very simple which makes your entertainment more comfortable.

The colors are good and provide all types of connectivity and are compatible with most of the apps which are commonly used. But these TVs are non-upgradable.

If you are looking for better updates then you have to change the whole TV.

Firmware updates are only the problem you can face with this type of TV. Otherwise, for limited use, this will be a good choice for you.

75 inch ANDROID SMART LED TV-  For the last 6 to 8 years Android smart TVs have grabbed their place all over the electronic market. As compared to a smart LED TV Android LED TV has upside and some plus points.

These TVs are much more likely to be smart LED TVs in the type of connectivity and other features but based on an android operating system that let you download a variety of android apps.

Unlike smart TV android, smart TV lets you connect to the play store just like using an android smartphone, you can download whatever you want.

75 Inch Smart Tv

You can also use Google Assistant and can easily operate your TV from your remote control. Users can get a variety of apps from the play store and firmware updates can be easily updated on this TV.

The Google Assistant support which let you connect with Google play, music, and movies will enhance the user’s experience.

If you might be not familiar with the interface, do not be worry about that. It is as easy to use as an Android smartphone. You can select your TV size as per your need.

ANDROID SMART Qled Tv -Like other android smart TVs, there is another type in this category, which is based on a different type of screen type.

Whereas smart LED TVs and Android smart LED TVs have the same specifications in terms of screen technology.

A QLED TV works on Quantum Dot Layer technology which is placed in between the backlight and LCD panel.

It creates a difference in your watching experience. This technology produces bright colors which are more saturated when light hits these quantum dots.

Brightness levels and image retention is excellent in these type of LEDs. Black level and color gamut are also very good in QLEDs.

DIFFERENCE 75 inch tv LED AND 75 inch tv QLED --- 

 Led Tv - LED TVs are based on light-emitting diode technology. A small and efficient light source that emits light when current is passed through it.

Led TVs to give better picture quality with great dynamics and contrast as compared to old LCD panels.

75 Inch 4k Tv

LED TVs are two types on basis of their panels. One is dynamic RGB LEDs and white Edge LEDs.

Dynamic LEDs are fixed behind the panel and white-Edge LEDs are positioned around the rim to distribute light evenly behind the screen by using a diffusion panel.

LED TVs give a very good brightness level without using more electricity but LEDs are most likely LCDs which use an LED panel behind the panel.

LED TVs have VA panel which has normal contrast, and thin viewing angles and can be very bright.

QLED TV -- QLED stands for Quantum dot light-emitting diode TVs. QLED TVs are not just TVs, it is much more than a TV.

As it uses quantum dot technology to emit light by adding a layer of tiny particles in front of an LED panel.

This gives a better color, rich contrast, and dynamic brightness. Though it is similar to other LED TVs it is very different which enables a billion colors.

QLED TVs are slightly different from common LEDs. The working formula is similar between them, but QLED has a quantum dot layer under the LED panel.

To produce more saturated colors quantum dot layer filters the light on the screen. QLED has more contrast and shows true colors.

When it comes to color volume, it has brighter whites and very good black levels because each pixel has its light.

Which results in a better viewing experience. QLED TVs are very good in terms of color volume of about 100% which gives the best saturation levels.

75 In Tv

The better color volume shows picture quality more realistic and accurate. But it comes to viewing angles they both are the same.

As they both use LEDs to backlight LCD panels so going far off will decrease the picture quality, accuracy of colors brightness, and contrast.

QLEDs have some upside from normal LED panels but they are not powered efficiently as compared to LEDs.


In both LED and QLED, there are many different resolutions you can get. Standard resolutions with 480 pixels, HD and HD ready with 720 pixels,

Full HD with 1080 pixels, 4k resolution with 2160 pixels, and then 8k with 4320 pixels. In LEDs, you can get multiple resolutions but in QLEDs only 4k and 8k resolution comes on the market.

Resolution can be defined as the no. of the pixel that can be displayed on-screen surface.

To know about the pixel density multiply the number of pixels in one horizontal row by the number of pixels in a vertical row.

The higher the number of pixels higher the resolution will be Number of pixels stays the same for specific screen sizes.

But as the size of the screen gets larger, display pixels have also to be larger. This is to fill the screen with the perfect no. of pixels for a specific resolution.

75 Inch

STANDARD DEFINITION - This type of resolution was seen in normal TVs. As TVs were replaced by LED TVs. The standard resolution has 720 by 480 pixels on the screen.

This means 720 pixels in a horizontal line and 480 pixels in a vertical line. Picture quality is good, and color saturation and contrast are normal.

If you normally use your TV then you can buy any LED with standard resolution.

HIGH DEFINITION -  A high definition has a better viewing experience than a normal standard LED TV.

A LED with 720 pixels in a horizontal line has better colors, brightness, and contrast levels. These factors depend on the picture quality.

An HD display offers you a rich-quality picture. HD displays come in many different sizes.

FULL HD: A screen with high no. pixels with 1920 by 1080p refers to a full HD display. Full HD displays have 1920 pixels in horizontal line and 1080 pixels in a vertical line.

No. of pixels defines the quality of the picture on your screen. Displays with full HD are seen as crystal clear with a lot of punchy colors and great saturation. Both black and white levels are perfectly displayed on a Full HD display.

ULTRA HD OR 4K:  A 4k resolution screen comes with a pixel quantity of 3840 by 2160 and 4096 by 2160. This type of resolution commonly comes with a larger screen.

UHD or 4k screens comes with different setting to change the picture quality. It gives you more detailed images and less no. of pixels are visible than 1080p.

Ultra HD screens have a great viewing quality as compared to other resolutions.

75inch Tv


SUPPORTED APPS - In this smart android TV there are a lot of features you can get through internet connectivity. There are some popular pre-installed apps on TV.

You can download your favorite apps on it. Netflix, Prime Video, and Youtube are the most common apps you can find on it.

OPERATING SYSTEM - Some LED TVs are working on other OS. But most of the TVs are using Android operating systems. Which are more convenient reliable and can upgrade to new updates which add more features to your TV.

You can also get Google assistant and Chrome cast support in it. It lets you control your TV just with a click.

SOUND OUTPUT - Sound quality in a TV is also a very important factor that plays a better role in your viewing experience.

Although users have exceptional speakers for their TV if you don’t have one, so don’t be to worry. This kind of LED TV comes with good quality speakers with an output of 24 Watt which is a decent quantity.

75 Inch Oled Tv

REFRESH RATE - Refresh rate can be defined as how many times the screen refreshes itself in a second. A good refresh is very important for a smoother quality of the video.

As the refresh rate will go higher smoother will be the motion of the video. A 60 Hz refresh in a 75 inch LED is better for your video. It gives you a better watching experience on an Ultra HD screen.

ART OF THE 20TH CENTURY Now a days LED TVs are one of the basic needs of every house. It is not just an electronic device it is much more. It is not only a source of entertainment it is a product that completes your house.

Whether it is of small size or large size, that gives you a cinematic view of your home. A TV with an android operating system, RAM, and internet connectivity is a product that can give you the whole thing in just one place.

A 75-inch android smart LED TV with a resolution of Ultra HD at an affordable price is a great option. Here comes a product like that.

Power Guard 75 inch LED TV has a lot more features than you are looking for.

power guard comes with 2GB of RAM, and 16 GB of storage capacity with an android operating system that supports most android apps. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and screen mirroring built-in.

This has all the ports your needy connectivity and comes with a warranty of 3 years. It has a lot more features that you can experience only if you have them.