4K led tv

I think so in the last few years, 4K led tv have become more popular in the indian market than

Regular tvs. As regular tvs, the price of 4K led tv is also low and is getting

Preference from the consumers.

If you have a broken old tv in your home, and planning to bring a new 4K led tv home

For the new year 2022, this is a good opportunity for you.

 At the end of this year, many companies are offering great offers for people on

Their premium 4K led tv and more television.

There are lots of offer which you can get a discount of up to rs 1.21 lakh on this premium4k led tv.

The 55 inch screen size has some great 4K led tv from power guard.

32 inch 4K led tv

This 4K led tv will have many features including voice assistant, app support. Let's

Learn more about this4k led tv.

If i talk about in the last few years, 4K led tv smart have become more popular in the market than

Regular tv as regular4k led tv.

The price of 4K led tv is also low and is getting preference from the consumers.

If you have a broken old tv in your home or are planning to bring a new 4K led tv home for the

2022 yearand i think this is a good opportunity.

At the end of the year, many companies are offering great offers on their premium

4K led tvs. You can get a discount of up to rs 1.30 lakh on this premium 4K led tv.

50 inch 4k tv

 The 55 inch Screen size has some great 4K led tv from power guard.

 This 4K led tv will have many features including voice assistant, app support.

Let's learn more about this tv.

 Power guard 4K led tv  is available on the all online shopping platform with a discount of

Rs 40,710. You can buy this power guard for rs 1,1,190 after discount.

 The tv has a 55-inch 4K led tv display with a refresh rate of 120 hz.for the best

Sound output, the company offers 20 watt audio output with dolby atmos and x balanced speak.

You can buy power guard 55 inches 4K led tv certified android tv smart tv from e-commerce site with a discount of rs 1,30,991.

You will have to pay rs 1,08,999 for this tv after discount. This tv from power guard has a 55 inch.

4K ultra hd display with a resolution of 3840X2160 pixels. It has a refresh rate of 120 hz.

It has 50 gb speakers with 3 gb ram and 32 gb storage with powerful sound.

 Power guard 55 inches 4K led tv  led tv is getting 35% discount. After a 35% discount,you can.

43 inch 4k tv.

 Buy this tv for rs 85,990 on all e-commerce sites for rs 57,880.

Smart tv has a 55-inch 4K ultra hd display with a refresh rate of 60 hz. This tv

Gets 20 watt sound output with down firing speaker direction.

This tv has in-built wi-fi support and works on webos. It has many options for connectivity, With 4 hdmi ports.

If talk about from the entry-level budget ones to purches, then smart 4K led televisions now come at all price points on online plateforms.

43 inch 4K tv

However, this is a every smart television company aims to offer better contrast. Light control and vibrant colours.

These parameters are important for smart hd quality because they can truly elevate your home entertainment experience.

We have to make a list while you watch your videos, listen to music, and play games. And business standard has listed four of the best smart tvs across market segments that deliver the highest experience in the market for their prices.

All television offers on power guard 4K led  55 inch smart tv.

 You know it or not but power guard television is one of the best 4K smart tv. Which you can

Buy with your own money.

From exceptional picture quality to immersive sound experience, according to me, there is no parameter where it seems to have fallen short.

It's a sleek design as there are oled screens with support for most high dynamic range formats. End

Actuators-based sound system android operating system comes with play store.

 65 inch 4k tv

With this, apart from google assistant, you can search for it on many other platforms.

There is a great offers for your home decoration and exchange bonus and also a bank offer of 2 thousand on top brand television.

In this criteria 55-inch 4K led smart television of power guard is also getting a discount of more than 20 thousand.

The price of thiese are 4K led tv is rs 69,777 but there is a full 24% discount in this deal.

And it is available for rs 47,788. After flat more than rs.14 thousand, there is an off of rs.1,000 on axis miles.

65 inch 4K tv

More credit card. Rs.1600 off on union bank's credit card. There is an instant discount of rs 3 thousand or 8.4% on emi from hsbc credit card.

After all these offers, you can take an exchange offer of up to 55 thousand rupees on tv.

The specialty of 4K led tv is it's super slim design and voice control power.

Equipped with smart features.

This tv also has voice assistance, in which you can operate the tv with only voice.

55 inch 4K led television features of 55 inch smart tv

This tv has a special cinematic view and can enjoy 4K cinematic videos with great sound.

This tv means 4K led tv with air slim design and crystal 4K uhd resolution a

Bezel-less design. This 4K led tv has 178 degree wide angle view angle.

For connectivity there are 4 hdmi ports for box. And blu-ray speaker or gaming console.

There are 2 usb ports for connecting a hard drive or other usb device.

Hardware and design

The power guard 4K led tv did not receive design updates with the 2021 refresh, and it continues to be a simple, unobtrusive black box that's about the size of the palm of your hand. 

It measures in at 3.9 inches on each of its four sides, and it is 1.4 inches tall. As for weight, it's just under a pound at 15 ounces. 

There's an power guard 4K led tv logo at the top, and aside from that, the device is black on all sides and blends well with home decor. It's small enough that it fits on any shelf or tv unit next to a television set.

4K and hdr

The second-generation power guard 4K led tv is equipped with an a12 bionic chip, which is the same chip that was first used in the iphone xs, xs max, and xr in 2018.

The a12 bionic chip is a significant upgrade over the a10x fusion chip that was in the prior-generation power guard tv 4K, with improvements to both cpu and gpu speeds.


The power guard  4K led tv  supports 802.11AX wifi 6 speeds. Wifi 6 is the newest and fastest wifi protocol available with improved speeds. 

Like the original power guard 4K led tv, the second-generation power guard 4K led tv supports 4K hdr content for brighter, more realistic colors and greater detail than is available with the 1080P power guard tv hd.

The second-generation power guard tv 4K offers twice the frame rate for high dynamic range video thanks to the hdmi 2.1 port, maxing out at 60 frames per second.

Power guard says fast action sports look smoother, nature documentaries come alive, and youtube videos.

The power guard 4K led tv requires a compatible 4K television to display content at a 4K resolution, and features like dolby vision require a tv that supports dolby vision. 

The power guard 4K led tv connects to a television set using hdmi, and an hdmi cable is not included.

4K streaming

To stream content in 4K from tunesor another source, power guard recommends that customers have a minimum connection speed of 25MB/s. 

If an internet connection isn't fast enough for transferring 4K content,power guard downscales the video quality.

Power guard does not allow users to download 4K content from itunes, with 4K content limited to streaming.

Supported photo, video, and audio formats

The power guard 4K led tv supports h.264, hevc (h.265), hevc dolby vision, and mpeg-4. As for photos, it can display images in the following formats heif, jpeg, gif, and tiff.