About Us

Power Guard is the renowned name for leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, Home & Kitchen appliances like Qled Tv, Smart Led Tv, Washing machines, and many more products in India. It has been a leading player in this field for many years. The manufacturing unit was set up at Greater Noida and Hyderabad. Power Guard has made rapid progress in recent times but has also a long way to go with one purpose that is offering unprecedented, groundbreaking technology with unmatched quality products and prices. Power Guard is easily recognized because of its growth and value. Power Guard has been ISO 9001:2015 certified company. The certification indicates that the Power Guard has met all requirements of the ISO 9001 international standards for quality management and quality assurance developed and administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Power Guard has made spectacular progress in recent times and offers the right quality products at the right time & the right price also. The area in which Power Guard is an expert is that of Manufacturing of consumer electronics, Home & Kitchen appliances with two dedicated research centers in India which brings home strategic technologies to contribute to new market trends and also set new standards of quality for excellence in India. Power Guard has a strong work history in this field.

Power Guard is showing productivity and also has growing sales since the first year of operation. Power Guard is a company with high and exacting standards. Along with this, invests heavily in R&D to add value to its offering. Additionally, its SMT (Surface Mounting) for making motherboards in India, Clean Room for Panel assembly, MI (Manual Insertion) line, and Automatic FA (Final Assembly) line sets a new benchmark for manufacturing quality and facilities in India.

Power Guard always creates a better product such as Power Guard Qled TV, Smart Led Tv, Washing Machine, and many more with consistent quality and Uniformity. Power Guard pushes hard to create innovations and is always looking at reducing the costs of production also. Power Guard has a genuine commitment to green energy and strives to produce products that are both super effective and, at the same time, friendly to the environment.

Power Guard has a wide range of products in the TV segment in India. Power Guard has maintained its presence by proving to be extremely competitive with the design, production & cost-effectiveness of its latest technology. Power Guard has consistently endeavoured to keep abreast of the latest trends in technology & production techniques which adherence to the company to push the company to unseen heights. The five pillars that make us the best in class are: Trust, Sharing, Innovation, Simplicity, and Style.


Power Guard have always tried our best to maintain high standards of quality in our entire production line. The quality tasting unit is fully equipped with digital readout measuring devices and digital sampling techniques. Power Guard have our registered trademark that helps us serve our customers with high quality assurance

Quality forms the basis of our endeavour and we take every possible step to ensure that our products remain in conformity to the prescribed quality standards only. Our quality control process is initiated from the very first stage of procurement of raw materials till the processing and dispatch of the final products. Our team of quality control analysts ensures the movement of only error free products after conducting a thorough analysis of the products also.