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Android led TV.

I am very happy when people ask me all the time to get information about Power Guard 80 cm 32 inch HD Ready LED Smart Android Led TV.

And this is the same question what is an android led TV box?

On this page, you will find the answers. What can you do with it? How is it different from similar products on the market?

What is an android led TV box?

For your information, we can tell that an android led TV box is just a led TV box that runs on android.

Operating systems are working on TV and This is the same operating system as well as it is in your

Smartphones works on tablets and android devices around the world.

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You have commonly heard a lot of different types being thrown around sites, forums, and mostly in social media groups.

These may include, You Can also Streaming media device.

  • TV box.
  • led TV.
  • Set-top boxes.
  • Media streamer.
  • HTPC.
  • Kodi box.

Android Tv Price

And this is my personal favorite for the android led TV box. They’re all the same type of device but those are names different. Remember mp3 players?

According to me and as far as we can remember, a long time ago I worked in a power guard electronics store.

I worked in that power guard which has started the journey from 2011 to 2022 with a lot of success.

But, like android led TV, they didn’t make enough to go around, so we had to sell what we had. And what we had was a lot of generic mp3 players.

All the people come and ask for Android led TV and the first question was, which Android led TV do you want, or are you looking for a Dumb TV?

That usually resulted in a confused look. Most people thought they were the same thing.

We had to take the time to educate people on all the other options they had. A lot of times, an android led TV was what they wanted, and that was cool.

But also a lot of other consumers just want to buy the best device and, in their case, the best device didn’t come with an apple sticker in the box.

You must have seen that all these boxes and streaming devices look a lot or rather alike. Also, for your information.

Let me tell you that the led TV box, a media streamer, and a set-top box are all the same thing, they are called by different names.

Android Tv 32 Inch

Why so many different names?

When you look at this picture, what do you call it?

It probably depends on where you’re from. Where i live in Indiana, these devices are normally called streaming devices or streaming media players.

Sometimes, TV users are wrong they call it smart led, but yet they may be made by power guard or many other manufacturers are called by their brand name.

Let me give you an example of something similar.

Depending on which part of the country you’re living in, you call that sugary, carbonated beverage pop, soda, or even coke.

So, unless it’s a Roku you’re talking about, please don’t call it a Roku box. It can create confusion for you and the person to whom you’re tagged too.

In India, they’re mostly called Android-led TV due to the popularity of android led TV and some of the streaming platforms that are available on the play store.

They can also be called led TV boxes because it’s much easier to find an internet android led TV.

This service can get through on that side of the Atlantic than gives you here in India to put it simply to Android led TV to get live TV over the internet.

According to me, one last thing you will also see is the term mini-led TV. Android led TV boxes can be considered a mini-smart.

But I think that combining them into a category they don’t quite belong in.

A mini-PC can also include any small-format computer like an Intel (next unit of computing).

They can usually watch everything your android led TV or laptop can do.

Some Android led TV boxes can replace your desktop, but they’re the exception, rather than the rule.

24 Inch Android Tv

What makes it an android led TV box?

And how is it different from simple TV or android led TV?

So, it should now be pretty clear what the difference is between an android led TV box, Roku box, and other brands.

The hardware produced by different companies that run different operating systems but deliver the same services.

It is just pretty much just like the difference between the latest led an android led TV, iPhone running an IOS.

They all achieve pretty much the same thing but use slightly different hardware and software approaches.

The purpose of the android led TV box is that make it easy to access your favorite content on your television as well as on your cell phone.

You can also access the likes through its native app for android, making it a more seamless and enjoyable experience.

You must have seen that all these boxes and streaming devices look a lot or rather alike.

Also, for your information. If you want a premium-looking 32-inch android led TV then you can go for this one from power guard.

It has a 32-inch android led TV display with a 40Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ support. You get three HDMI ports and one USB port with this power guard android led TV TV.

Let me tell you that an 80 cm 32 Inches Frameless Led Tv PG 32 FSVC box, a media streamer, and a set-top box are the same thing, they are represented with different names.

55 Inch Android Tv

Why so many different names?

When you look at this picture, what do you call it? Hint…it probably depends on where you’re from.

Where I am in north India, these devices are normally called Streaming devices or streaming media players.

Sometimes, they’re wrong to understand the smart led TV. Even maybe manufactured by power guard or many other manufacturers are covered in this site.

Let me give you an example of something similar then you can compare it.

Depending on which part of the country you’re in, you call that sugary, carbonated beverage pop, soda, or even coke.

So, unless it’s a Roku you’re talking about, please don’t call it a Roku box. It can create confusion for you and the person to whom you’re talking.

In India, they’re mostly called Android-led TV due to the popularity of the product.

Installing android led TV and some of the streaming applications that are available on the google play store.

They can also be called led TV boxes because it’s much easier to find an internet android led TV.

If you want to buy a great and fully-featured 32-inch android led TV then power guard gives you a great opportunity for you right Android led TV.

The power guard TV Saving Days sale has started on 32-inch Android led TV.

And today is the day of the sale when you buy 32-inch android led TVs are getting huge discounts at the power guard online Sale.

32-inch Android led TVs from power guard online company is giving you sale offers.

If you are thinking purchasing of a 32-inch Android led TV and have a low budget. Then a power guard 32 inch TV on Saving Days Sale may be useful for you.

Android Tv 32

If you are looking for a branded company android Led TV. So, the power guard 32-inch android led TV is getting huge discounts.

Learn how to buy a 32-inch android led TV at a 9,999 discount at power guard online 32 inch android led TV Saving Days Sale.

you can get at a very low price 32-inch android led TV on power guard 32-inch android led TV Saving Days Sale.

The power guard online company has a launch 32-inch android led TV in 2022 for Rs 25,999.

But you can buy a 32-inch android led TV for Rs 21,999 at the power guard company 32 inch TV Sale.

That means a discount of Rs 4,450 is being given on TV. Additionally, there is an exchange offer on the 32 inch android led TV.

Which will significantly reduce the price of the TV.

Power guard 32 Inch android led TV Exchange Offer: power guard 32-inch android led TV is off-exchange at Rs 4,999. You can get that much discount if you change your old TV.

Only if your TV is in good condition and the model is new you will get an exchange of Rs 4,999.

If you do not exchange your TV then the power guard 32 Inch android led TV will cost Rs 18,919.

Power guard 32-inch android LED TV details: power guard 32 inch Smart LED TV screen has 32 inches.

The screen resolution of the 32-inch Android led TV of power guard is HD ready and it has 2 HDMI ports in the TV.

In this way, you can bring home a TV with all the features at a very low cost. The 32-inch android led TV model is offered online selling at power guard.

Android Tv 43 Inch

But 32 inch TV with a new android led TV features an electronic browser.

You also see the reviews on power guard online sites of the best TVs of the year including Android-led TV, Roku TVs, and more.

Power guard company TV provides all sizes or resolutions and prices of Android led TV, so we focus on picture quality for the money.

Android Led TVs 32 inch with low visual brightness, Mini-LED or android led TVs are usually less expensive than OLED televisions.

And still, perform well while supporting 4K resolution with HDR. Though an led television will give you the best picture.

It is expensive and might not be available in the size you want also Based on my years of experience. And side-by-side comparisons in the power guard test lab.

we are providing the best 32-inch android led TV of every type. We'll keep tracking new deals all season long on 32-inch android led TV.

And power guard updates 32-inch android led TV list continuously to help you shop 32-inch android led TV for your home theater.

Power Guard 98cm 40 inches Android 4k TV HD Ready LED Smart Android led TV ''PG 40 SVC' TVs that offer great value for money.

Now we are explaining about 40-inch android led TV and having multiple TV shows with great content and episodes that have made Indian viewers more attracted to TV.

There has been a great demand for 40 inches android led TV with a power guard.

40 Inch Android Tv

There is a lot of feature of the 40-inch android led TV and we wrote everything about Power Guard 98 cm 40 inch HD Ready LED Smart Android led TV in detail.

This will help you make a decision that you are not choosing the wrong product.

If this is the first time you are buying a LED TV and also then don’t forget to read the Buying Guidelines at the bottom of this Article.

I can’t help but mention power guard on the Top spot because of the quality of the product they offer. This is a sharp-looking LED TV with amazing specifications.

For Display- you have a full HD android led TV (1920 x 1080) panel from power guard that has a great color produced by technology.

Which ensures high quality and sharp images are displayed on the screen. The refresh rate is 50Hz which is quite appropriate on a 16:9 aspect ratio screen.

Special offers are available on Amazon, you can available a Fire-stick along with the purchase for free of cost.

This will help you enjoy Smart features and video streaming on Television.

Watching movies and videos can't be enjoyed until you have powerful speakers and a 40-inch android led TV screening.

You get a 10 Watts which is considered not quite up to the expectation.

Power guard has been delivering its 43 inch TV series recently launched in the market. And started grabbing headlines when it come to the user.

This product is highly demanded by users to get the new 43 inches Android led TV as soon as possible.

No doubt that the phone was already a hot potato before getting dropped into the market.

65 Inch Android Tv

When the Power Guard 109 cm (43 inches) Frameless Full HD LED Smart Android led TV was officially launched into the market.

Then people are very curious to know about its specification and the best price.

If you are planning to buy the new power guard 43-inch android LED TV called 43 so be here till the end.

Well, the power guard 43 inch TV has been launched in the market and it is to be said.

That 43 i43-in choroids LED has one of the finest and upgraded features that will please you.

The 43 inch android led TV power guard is built with android 4 UI based on Android and as per the sources of the android features.

As soon as the power guard teased the 43-inch android led TV it became one of the most searched things on the internet.

And as a result power guard, the 43-inch android led TV to become one of the most anticipated gadgets.

However, the TV has been launched in a line with a power guard 109 cm (43 inches) Frameless Full HD LED Smart Android led TV (PG 43 SVC).

And power guard Smart android Band Pro but still, it is the most captivating thing to be launched so far from the tech giant.

LED TV: Power Guard 109 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart Android led TV  (PG 43 SVC)

  • Android led TV 10 with a 64-bit Quad-core A56 CPU
  • Resolution: 3840*2160
  • 2GB RAM 16GB Storage
  • Auto Low Latency Mode (ALL), Google Assistant, and built-in Chrome cast. It also comes with a power guard online web.
  • 30W speaker set
  • Bluetooth 5.0

50 Inch Android Tv


In The Box

  • 1 LED TV, Table Stand and Wall Stand, 2 Remote, 4 AAA Batteries, User Manual and Warranty Card

Model Name

  • PG 43 SVC

Display Size

  • 109 cm (43 inches)

Screen Type

  • LED

HD Technology & Resolution

  • Full HD, 1920 x 1080

Smart TV

  • Yes

Motion Sensor

  • No


  • 3


  • 2

Built In Wi-Fi

  • Yes

Launch Year

  • 2022

Wall Mount Included

  • Yes

Video Features

Picture Engine

  • Color Enhancer

Analog TV Reception

  • Yes

View Angle

  • 178 Degree

Panel Type

  • A+

LED Display Type

  • Direct LED

Refresh Rate

  • 60 Hz


Also, we know that the 43-inch android led TV comes with Quad-core AA56 CPU. So overall you will get a mesmerizing watching experience on a 43-inch android led TV.

You can check audience ratings so the power guard 43-inch android led TV got a mind-blowing audience rating.

where most of the people said that nothing can be as best as this and that too at this price range.

Power Guard TV  43 Inch android led TV gives you the value of money provides you with the  best TV

The power guard launch the led TV in the market, launching the android led TV they introduced a TV with a lot of features and gives affordable prices.

Now the manufacturing companies are working on the same product in the 43-inch android led TV market and repaying rich rewards.

The power guard online idea is the same launch good 43-inch android led TVs fast.

The latest Power Guard 60 cm 24 inch HD Ready LED Smart Android led TV is a good example of this idea. The company last month launched three new 4K power guard TVs.

Android Led Tv Price

Power guard  50 inches, power guard 5inchesch, power guard 65 inches, power guard 75 inches, and 85 inches.

In this conversation, we are talking about 43-inch 4K power guard TV.

Yes, it's the best 4K 43-inch android led TV of power guard. This is the cheapest 4K TV that power guard is selling in the country right now.

I have spent around 50 days with the power guard 43 inch TV. First impressions - It is a great value-for-money product from power guard But let's look beyond first impressions.

On paper, the power guard TV 43 inch looks great, particularly the value it provides offers with its low price of Rs 21,999.

It is available on various websites, including power guard's e-commerce site.

And we speak frankly then a 4K 43 inch smart Android led TV for under Rs 25,000 is a mind-blowing deal.

The power guard 4k TV is a 43 inch android led TV with the good build quality and a fantastic panel for its price and clear sound.

Then there is the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video support directly built into the TV.

The Power Guard 126 cm 50-inch QLED Ultra HD 4K Smart Android led TV  (PG50QLED) runs Android 9.0 out-of-the-box.

And there's android 2.0 that has access to more content than what users would get with the last generation android.

Boring design but a great screen.

There is one thing that is just passable and not great about the power guard 50-inch android led Tv is design.

The power guard TV  50-inch is not one of the best-looking smart Android led TVs available at this price in the market right now.

Android Smart Tv 32 Inch

power guard TV 50 inch android led looks decent Not too bad, Not too good. The power guard TV 4k 50 inch comes with a basic design.

I would have liked the TV to be slightly on the slimmer side but then I am reminded of the price.

The power guard TV 4k 50 inch android led TV looks similar to the existing power guard TV 4A Pro 32 Inch.

The lower back panel of the power guard TV  50 inch android led TV which includes the speakers, bulges out.

The good bit here is the power guard TV isn't very bulky despite the bulgy-looking design.

But with the Clear Phase Technology, the quality of the sound is enhanced for an overall great experience.

Safety Pro feature is also enabled which protects your 40-inch android led TV  from any Short circuits which are caused due to electrical faults, moisture, etc.

Watching or streaming is not enough you can also access FM from the 50-inch android led TV to tune into your Favorite stations.

Smart Plug and Play Feature not only allows you to connect USB pen drives but also your smartphones to connect and access media files.

TV Box Vs Android Led TV - In 2018, google launched android led TV 4Kit is an operating system that combines all the things in one system.

And searching including google voice search functionality. You can find out all about the official android led TV here If that sounds familiar, it should.

Android Led

Android led TV 50 inch 4k is google attempt to run your media hub this is worldwide news. We have seen similar efforts over the years from another platform.

Android led TV 50 inch 4k is the second attempt from Google in this space the third if you count power guard.

Android TV 50 4k was their first attempt at ruling your living room, but it never really caught on.

Do you know what is difference between an android led TV 50 inch 4k android TV box

Android Led TV can run apps app, at least not without rooting your device.

But, the apps can run are specifically designed to be run on your television rather than on a touchscreen.

How exactly do you swipe on your Android-led TV set?

So, the android led TV app was built from the ground up to use the remote control rather than a touchscreen. It’s the same for every other android led TV app.

Streaming devices like the fire Android led TV, Roku, and apple Android led TV are great.

I have nothing against them…well, maybe against the apple Android led TV, but that’s understandable, right?

Anyway, they’re extremely easy to use. I gave my eighty-year-old mother a Roku 3 and she was able to learn how to use it in a few minutes.

Does it do everything that my shield does?

Not. Can it run every app like my Mini x 50 inch 4k android led TV box?

50 Inch 4k Android led boxes to give you flexibility on streaming devices like led TV. And easy to operate in live telecast through the world, their ecosystem, and run their apps.

Android Tv Under 10000

You don’t have much of a choice if the app you want isn’t available.

You also want to install it on your fire Android led TV, you’re going to jump through some hoops and side-load manually.

If I want to purchase an android led TV box all I have to do is go to the power guard and click for purchases. That goes for hundreds of other apps as well.

The Android led TV boxes have some drawbacks They are time-consuming when you are using them.

They may need to be improved on a regular upgrade as a new brand powered by a power guard.

But if you are the type of person who loves having a TV and installing whatever you want adjusting your system make it your.

Then you’re just the person who should get an android.

When you bought your first box, then I want to see our android led TV box setup guide to get you up and operate fast.

What channels are on the android box?

Faq's about android led TV boxes. there are lots of tv boxes on power gurd online store and Keep calm and keep shopping with the mega offers --

You shouldn’t think about your TV box as coming with “channels.” It is not the same thing as a cable subscription.

The power guard 50 inch Android Smart TV gets you cast the other OTT platforms on your ANDROID LED TV television screen.

Most of your favorite Android-led TV channels get you streaming services. So you can easily access their online platforms without any cable subscription.

4k Android Tv 43 Inch

Simply go to the website for your favorite channel and they will explain how to access it. Most of them have handy apps in the google play store.

Can you watch normal TV on  50 inch Android Smart TV box?

Yes, because there is an app for that, or more accurately, several apps. Again, your android box is just a tool for streaming content.

It is up to you to find the content you want to stream.

All the highly demand android led TV channels have apps available that let you stream their channels live and also watch a movie whatever and whenever you have missed the movies or episodes.

There are also services, such as direct ANDROID LED TV,  that bundle of few popular channels together for streaming on your box.

These feel a lot like cable Android-led TV but are delivered via your ANDROID LED TV box rather than a cable.

How do I use an android led TV box?

And then into your television, and the interface will appear on your screen.

The box which normally comes with a remote, you through the simple setup process to get you to download your favorite apps and games.

Today we also access the Internet and google play applications and games directly on the TV.

power guard 55 Inch Android led TV has made this type of device have a greater role in our lives.

If you still do not have a 55-inch android led TV and you are thinking of buying one.

Now you are lucky enough to be able to get a power guard 55 inches Android led TV with voice control at a very reasonable price.

Android 4k Tv

This is thanks to the offer we found at Media Market for the Smart TV power guard.

The launching in our country of power guard TV the most important streaming content service gets to the sale of smart TVs.

Today watching series and movies on the Internet has become one of the most common entertainments in our homes.

If you are thinking about the possibility of buying a 55-inch android led TV for a long time or the one you have buying to be small Android led TV.

We bring you one of the best options and if you are looking for is a high-quality model at the best reasonable price.

Speaking of value for money there is no doubt that going to the power guard catalog is the best option.

Android led TV Power Guard 138 cm (55 Inch ), Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android led TV (PG 55 4K)- The power guard TV market already has a good product in the market.

So the 55-inch android led TV gets battle with others TV.

It can be difficult to choose a good TV because there are so many options and various varieties of appliances.

However, the android 55 inches led TV is highly suggested for the best picture brightness.

Compared to LCD screens then it’s an excellent choice for watching shows and playing games regularly.

OLED TVs are the best option for a premium experience. But they have the problem of screen burn-in, which isn’t an issue with android led TV.

You have to check your knowledge before deciding to purchase a 55-inch android led TV. and first, be familiar with that technology uses.

Android Tv 43 Inch 4k

In what ways are android led TV different from earlier models of televisions? you can check and read, There are a few basic ideas about 55-inch android led TV with power guard.

that I’ll cover in the following sections. Before you make a decision, take a look at the same.

Specifically, the model on offer is the 55-inch power guard TV-PG 55 4K.

A television with a modern design and whose recommended retail price is 41,499. But which we can now buy for nothing more than Rs. 35,999.

you want to know, The 55-inch android led TV panel has small dots pixel add, android lights create a dramatic backdrop for the panel.

The light from these android led travels through the panels before it reaches your eyes.

Therefore, the quality of light is enhanced when it travels through the quantum dots in this panel.

These dots have a diameter between 2 and 10 nanometers. Their colors range from red to blue to green.

In the presence of colored android leads in this TV technology, the colors produced by android led TV give a high level of brightness, saturation, and contrast.

In addition, Media Market also includes Free shipping.

So you will not have to pay another extra fee to receive it at home. The delivery time is between two and three days depending on your location.

Modern design, Android TV, and voice control.

Although it is a 55 inch android led model that attracts attention at first glance due to its modern design.

The truth is that it stands out for being a Smart TV with an Android operating system.

43 Inch Android Tv 4k

The 55-inch android led TV gives you the option to have access to android apps like games or social media on your TV and enjoy all of them from.

Power guard India also notches up-to its 55-inch android smart TV range with the announcement of its new 4K ultra HD Fire TV variants and slim design.

Now the sizes are also available in 43, 50 and 55-inch sizes, the 4K Guard 138 cm (55 Inch ) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android led tv (PG 55 4K).

With the launch the of 4K android led TV series, power guard is the second Indian consumer brand. It comes in 4K television with Fire TV android operating system in India.

Power guard 4K Fire an Android gives you a realistic experience to the user on Ultra HD (3939 x 2290) resolution with a 60-hertz refresh rate and 178° wide viewing angle.

The 4K Ultra HD android led TV series adds successfully to the list of 55 Inch android led TV series by power guard launched in 2021 previously year.

Best Smart TV Brands are available from power guard 65 Inches 4K Ultra HD TV and Best 55 Inch Smart TV Brand gets you the Best Smart TV Deals ever.

Power guard Offer On android led TV Large 65 inch HD screen and powerful speaker and with Google Alexa to give any command.

Power Guard 165 cm 65 Inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart Android led TV comes with these features and is also available on Shopify. 

32 Inch Android Tv Price

Also, there is a good discount on the rest of the models of power guard.

The offers include a cashback or exchange bonus on best selling power guard 165 cm ( 65 Inch )Ultra HD (4K) android led (PG 65 4K) TVs.

Power Guard 165 cm (65 Inch ) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android led TV "PG 65 4K Black" 2022 Model.

If you want to take an android led TV in 65 inches, then the best selling on Shopify is the power guard brand. Its price is Rs 81,999 but it is getting Rs 62,999 in the deal. 

We are sure that this TV has 4K Ultra HD picture quality and Also it supports Alexa.

You can connect 65 inches TV to your Alexa speaker and then this TV can play with hands-free voice control. 

There are 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for connection. Excellent sound with 30W audio output with DTS Virtual X and DTS-HD as well as power guard Audio.

The price of this TV is Rs 65,999, it supports Alexa in the special features of this TV.  Resolution of the TV is 4K Ultra HD and the display is a 4K LED Panel. 

you can connect a smart camera to 65 inches android led TV.  This TV has a Chromecast built-in. Chromecast is also a streaming app.

Thank you for choosing our 65 inches android led TV. This TV has many features and comes with the latest technology to enhance your viewing experience.

And according to my experience with a power guard 65 inch android led TV that has spent some time reading this instruction manual. That you can fully understand these features.

32 Inch Full Hd Android Tv

If you’re sacrificing to cutting the frame corner-edge tech for the benefit of affordability. It’s not too hard to with the power guard 4 Series 65 inch android led TV. 

It’s on sale at Best Buy for Rs. 51,999, which is 61,999 off its original price for a 65-inch android led TV. 

What’s in the box ?

  • TV Stand & Stand fixing Screws  (PG 65 4K).
  • Power cable.
  • Remote control.
  • Batteries (2 x AAA).
  • Quick start guide.
  • Warranty card.
  • Fixing the TV stand feet.
  • Fixing the TV stand feet.

Place the TV face down on a soft and flat surface to prevent any damage to the TV.

First Of all, the stand feet in the positions and secure them with supplied screws (PG 65 4K)Wal for l mounting.

This TV is VESA Compliant and has been designed to be wall mounted with a VESA Compliant wall mounting kit.

Sensitivity of power guard TV 65 inches android led TV is controlled by cursor.

Which can be adjusted easily by pressing and holding the OK key and using the Volume +/- keys to control the sensitivity. 

During this procedure, the mouse cursor must be activated.

The Mouse cursor is turned on and off by pressing the power key and Installing Batteries into the Remote Control.

After the socket Plug in the TV and wait for the TV to power on and also show a picture on the screen before inserting the AAA batteries. 

This enables the wireless remote control to pair correctly with the TV.

Insert 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries make sure to match the (+) and (-) ends of the batteries with the (+) and (-) ends shown in the batteries compartment.

Android Tv 55 Inch 4k

Close the batterie compartment cover. The Remote-Control Operating Range of 5 Meters is the normal distance needs between the Remote control and the TV IR sensor.

And it should be within 60° in front of the 65 inches TV. The operating distance may vary depending on the brightness of the room.

Video and Audio Connections.

65 Inches TV supports High Definition Multimedia Interface.  Always connect a device to the TV with the highest quality connection available. 

Also, use good quality cables to ensure a good transfer of picture and sound. Connecting an AV device with an HDMI cable.

After you connect to an external device player or a Game console, Set-top box, or personal computer with the HDMI cable. 

Select the HDMI in the setting menu and the TV will automatically detect the resolution coming from the device.

Connecting a Digital Audio Receiver.

For better sound quality, you may want to listen to the TV audio output through your Home Sound System or on the Soundbar. 

The TV is fitted with an Optical Digital Audio Output. When purchasing a cable, it must be an Optical cable. 

When the Optical cable is connected to both devices then select the source mode optical on the Sound system or Soundbar.

Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.