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Juicer Mixer: Power guard mini magic plus 450 watts (2 Jars) (smoothie maker)

Power guard juicer mixer is India’s no.1 juicer mixer with comes 450watt powerful motor. Due to this powerful motor, make instant juice within some seconds. The power guard juicer comes with 2 jars.

The bigger jar is 1ltr which is compatible use for making whipped cream, shake, lassi, any juice or fruit, and more.

Its stainless steel blade is also used for mixing, usually semi–a liquid state likely tomato sauce, other vegetables, and dal paste.

The second one Jar is small in size and made of steel. It is used for this power guard juicer mixer is very easy to use and very helpful for gym people.

It can also keep it in the gym because it is very small in size so there is no need for much space.  A power guard juicer mixer is a must–buy the product for the consumer.

Juicer Mixer

It is not a fine juicer but is also an electricity-consuming and time-saving product.  Its Jar can be carried along with anywhere and also directly store in the refrigerator. 

Key Feature:-
  • India’s no. 1 Juicer mixer brand Power guard(as per the name).
  • Performance: super-powerful 450w motor with 100% copper winding.
  • Less consumption of electricity as compared to another brand at this price level, also time and money both saving.
  • There will be some noise because your juicer mixer runs on a powerful motor.
  • Effortlessly pulverized fruits, vegetables, superfoods, smoothies, and shakes in 2 unbreakable jars.
  • Useful to gym users just blend your protein shakes and carry the container with you or store it directly in the refrigerator.
  • Easy to clean, use and maintain.
  • If you experience some burning smell when you run your juicer mixer for the 1st time so don’t worry about
Product Instruction:-
  • To reduce time and effort in kitchen work you choose the Power guard Juicer mixer. Its powerful 450-watt motor is very fast and makes juice, shake, and mixer 1ltr within 1 min.
  • Please allow the juicer motor to cool for some time in between product use.
  • A burning smell is normal when you run the juicer first few usages due to the varnish coating on the motor and will stop burning smell after a few usage cycle
  • We are safe when you clean the blade of the juicer mixer, it is a very sharp blade.

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Why should you choose the Power Guard juicer Mixer?

Power guard Juicer mixer is one of the best juicer mixers which meets the lots of criteria to be ideal for your home.

This is modern-day Power Guard Juicer, which is easy to use and easy to clean. Before you buy this you have to know why the Power guard Juicer mixer is essential to purchasing. Here is some Highlight about it.

Powerful motor with Less watt (only 450watt) - Wattage defines the power of a motor.

Everyone knows higher the powerful motor, the higher wattage needed, and the higher the electricity load needed.

But with Power Guard Juicer mixer this is not happening. Other brand juicer motor works on more than 600 watts but Power guard juicer mixer motor works the same thing at just 450 watts.

It also saves your electricity and time also. This powerful motor supports the continuous juicing of hard fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, the motor is tested for more than 4 years of life. It is not too much noise because it is a less watt motor which is only a 450-watt motor.

The motor is very fast so it takes up to 2 minutes to make 1 ltr juice. Due to the powerful motor, its rotation per minute (RPM) speed is very high. 

Quality of product - Quality is very important for every product. The quality of the product defines how it differs from other brand products. 

Power Guard juicer mixer no compromise with quality, It provides the best quality of body, jars, blade, and motor. Its jar is transparent with good quality.

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If the Jars can store in a refrigerator, nothing happens because it is made of polycarbonate. Blades are made of stainless steel which is very sharp and rust-free.

Its sharpness will not reduce even after long use. The powerful motor of the Power guard juicer mixer is 450 watts with 100% copper winding.

It seems that it is very faster and easier.

The body of the Power guard juicer mixer is made of tough plastic which is not easily breakable.  You can easily fit and remove the jar. It has a sturdy blade and tight jars.

Multi-purpose Blade - The power guard juicer has a super sharp stainless steel blade. Its blade cuts very fine and very fast.

Power guard juicer mixer stainless steel blade has a long life and provides super fining mixer and juicer.

The blade used in this Juicer mixer is rust-free and after long use, its sharpness is not reduced also after wash its sharpness remains the same.

The blade used in this Juicer mixer is compatible with both juicers as well as a mixer. With this Juicer, you can make not only fruit juice but also used for making Urd Dal paste and tomato sauce.

Safety - For safety reasons purpose the Power guard Juicer Mixer gives you a safe, secure, and electric shock-free Juicer mixer.

While manufacturing this juicer mixer, there is proper tearing of wiring and proper checkup of its operational part before packaging. Proper give earthing, flexible power socket wire.

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Design - The design of the Power Guard Juicer Mixer is sleek, small, less weighted, and handy.

The main purpose makes the juicer small is that it is easy adjustable in kitchen and also Gym.

It does not occupy much space and easily kept in small space. The main reason of Juicer mixer makes so small that it is easy adjustable in your kitchen and also gym.

The size of Jars is One is bigger in size and second is small in size. The bigger jar is 1ltr jar and made of polycarbonate and second small jar is made of steel.

Value of money - Power Guard Juicer is totally value of money for the facilities and service they provide. At this price Rs.2699, this Juicer mixer is best and worth of money.

Powerful motor of 450 watt. It means it also save time with less consumption of electricity.

How to use Power Guard Juicer Mixer?

Power guard juicer mixer is very easy and so simple to use. If you use first time mixer machine.

We always recommend reading through the user manual guide before you do anything else.

This will help you how to operate the mixer and also mention about specific parts, settings and button.

In user manual guide there is additional section aimed at troubleshooting common issue that may arise with your machine while you operate.

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Always follow the instruction if any problem occurs:-

Set up position your Juicer - Power guard juicer Mixer is small in size which means it is easily kept and adjustable in your kitchen and also gym.

Place your juicer mixer at suitable space that allows you to easily access the collection container. After use it, clean it properly and packed it as it is.

Put the smaller jar inside the larger jar. Plug – in your machine once the appliance is situated.

Select the right Jar - Power guard juicer mixer provided two Jars. One is 1ltr jar which is bigger and made of polycarbonate and second is small in size and made of steel.

For juicer, used the bigger jar and placed it nearby machine and also placed near the collection jar. Do not fill the full jar with ingredients.

Identify and gather ingredients - Collect the ingredients which you want to process.  Identify the fruit and must know that how to extract juice and placed near the mixer.

Just add right quantity of ingredients and water, if required.

Close with Jar Lid -  Power guard juicer mixer provided the two lids with two Jars. Before you run the machine close the jar with jar lid.

If you run this without jar lid, your substances comes out of the jar, but it also cause damage your Power guard juicer mixer.

Fix the jar onto the Juicer mixer machine - You have to fix the jar onto the juicer mixer machine and check that the coupler is properly fitted.

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This is done by twisting the jar gently till it is properly locked. If the jar is not done properly fit, the juicer mixer machine may get damaged.

Start the price of juicer mixer - After the jar placed correctly onto the juicer mixer, Power guard Juicer is ready to start.

Put the plug into the electric socket and switch it on. Press the start button in mixer to start.

Maintain the speed - Right speed is also necessary to process the ingredients. Grind anything like spices may require being high speed to process. But for juicer or mixer usually it has done at a lower speed.

Switched off and unplug after usage - When the job is done of juicer mixer, then switched off the Juicer and unplug from electrical main socket to prevent any type of accident or damage.

Clean the mixer - At the last, you have to clean the juicer mixer immediately. Clean the juicer body with damp cloth and not using any type of liquid cleaner.

Other components of juicer mixer like Jar, Blade, etc should also be cleaned thoroughly.

Why you use Power Guard Juicer mixer?

In today modern world, every one life is very busy and they want their kitchen work would be complete in minimum time. So their problem is solved by Power guard Juicer mixer.

More time save with less electricity consuming - Power guard juicer mixer is best juicer in modern world.

This machine makes juice, shake, and mixer of different ingredients thus reducing time and effort.

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You can make 1ltr juice within a minute and also make semi-liquid state mixer.

There is also small jar given who grind small spices. The Power Guard Juicer mixer motor is 450 watt which is very powerful.

Easy to Use - Power guard Juicer mixer is very easy to use. It provides two Jars with jar lids.

One is 1ltr jar made of polycarbonate, used for juicer, shake and mixer; and second jar is small in size made of steel which is used for grind small ingredients.

In this machine gives only one switch on/off button. It is very easy to detach the jar with machine and separate from them.

You just need an electrical connection to run this machine.

Easy to maintain - Power guard juicer mixer is very easy to maintain because it is very small in size. It is easy to clean separately its blade, container and jar lids.

Due to small in size, it is quite easier to keep in the kitchen area. You can also detach or keep in separate the parts as per your comfortable.

It is essential product of your kitchen. Keep it clean.