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Coffee Grinder

A specially designed Coffee Grinder product for your daily needs of grinding spices, coffee beans, pista, almond and cloves etc.

Coffee Grinder your freshly roasted coffee beans prior to brewing is a crucial step to coffee perfection.

Those lacking the mysterious and closely guarded knowledge of using a coffee simply load it halfheartedly with coffee beans. And let it rip without any concern for particle size and consistency of Coffee Grinder. Well, it’s time to put an end to that.

Key Features:

  1. Easy To Use And Clean.
  2. Push Button Single Speed.
  3. Dry Grinding In Small Quantity.
  4. 100% Copper Winding.
  5. Made In India.
  6. 2 Year Brand Warranty.
  7. Multi-Purpose Grinder.


This product Coffee Grinder from power guard is very handy and easy to use. the  Coffee Grinder has a premium build quality of blades and motor.

Made for safe grinding. it will grind your beans in perfect and smooth coffee in just 15 seconds.

the Coffee Grinder comes with a great speed of motor blades which grinds ingredients in such a perfect that you never got before.

There are two types of coffee grinder, blade grinder and burr grinder.

But we prefer blade grinders. They have a blade similar to that of a propeller that chops the coffee beans.

The fineness of the grind is determined by how long you let the Coffee Grinder operate via a built in timer.

The longer it grinds the finer the coffee becomes. Speed of grinding matters in making coffee.

This Coffee Grinder use for multipurpose for grinding coffee beans and other spices like cloves, almonds and pistas.

Extraction with coffee grinder

Large coffee particles are invaded by water slowly, but small particles don’t take long to extract at all.

Anyone can control how quickly this process takes by manipulating the size of the coffee grounds.

If you brew a cup of coffee and notice that it is acidic like a sour candy and doesn't taste well-rounded.

you have under extracted the coffee. Since the goal is to extract more next time, you can grind the coffee at a finer setting to speed up the extraction.

If you want brew a cup of coffee and notice muted flavors and a rough bitterness that scratches at the back of your throat, you have over extracted the coffee.

The goal is now to extract less; a coarser grind setting will help you achieve that.

This technique works for all coffee makers, from espresso to drip pots to the French press.

With a bit of focus and a small grind adjustment, you’ll become the master of your coffee.

Advantages of coffee grinder


This coffee grinder is inexpensive, ranging in 1999 rupees. Certainly is attractive when you compare them to decent burr Coffee Grinder, which can range anywhere from 5000 to 7000rs for use.

Small Footprint:

A further benefit is its size. The footprint is fairly small so they are ideal for a cramped kitchen or for people who like to take their grinder with them when they travel.

 Enjoy Flavored Coffees Without Guilt:

A blade grinder might be a good choice if you enjoy flavored coffees.

Grinding flavored coffee beans will impart an off-taste to any other coffee that is ground in the same grinder.

That’s why you often see two grinders in supermarkets; one for unflavored coffee beans and one for flavored ones.

Since these simple machines are very easy to clean, this doesn’t pose much of a problem.

Less Noisy : Noisy grinders are always been a problem that ruins your mornings, a cup of coffee can make your day.

But if you go for grinders with a loud noise then even best cup of coffee can’t help you.

So to get away from this problem you should go for this electric coffee grinder, this electric coffee grinder grinds your coffee and other spices so smoothly that you don’t even get a little noise                                                   

Unique experience with your own grinder:

Buying coffee at out places is considerable but if you are home and having a great morning, there will be something missing without a great cup of coffee.

So having your own coffee grinder in your kitchen will give you a moment of pleasure.

The coffee grinder you choose has a great impact on the taste of your coffee. It offers consistent size in grinds.

While also bringing you closer to the drink you love with manually grinding. Grind your beans at home and enjoy fresh and delicious tastes whenever you want.

You will have all the freedom to grind coffee the way you want at any time. 

Perfect taste: A constant grinding speed, uniform grain sizes and shapes and because of consistent timer-controlled dosing.

The electric coffee grinder ensures a perfect coffee enjoyment, time and time again. Manual grinders usually cause deviations in all taste-relevant parameters.

Which is why an electric coffee grinder is unbeatable when it comes to perfect and reliable taste experiences. 

Convenient handling: With grinding on demand at the push of a button and with its timer function, the electric coffee grinder clearly wins in terms of user-friendliness.

Cranking the manual grinder may have its charm, but it probably turns into an unpopular task as soon as you want to prepare coffee several times a day or for many guests at the same time.

Speed: For making a perfect and smooth blend grinding of coffee beans is very important.

That depends on two basic factors one is sharp blades and better motor quality of grinder.

Higher the quality of motor higher the speed will be of grinder and speed plays a big role in making a perfect blend whether you are making coffee or grinding something else.

This multipurpose grinder comes with 100% of copper winding. The coffee grinder motor runs on a 20 to 30 thousand RPM.

At high RPM you will get your coffee in just seconds but for a perfect blend you should run grinder on a normal speed.

You will get your desirable speed settings in this grinder which allows you to ground coffee quickly.

Many Grinding Sizes:

No matter your brew method, coffee-making involves extracting flavor from coffee grounds.

That’s why coffee for espresso machines is ground fine, since the water from an espresso maker passes very quickly at high pressure through the Coffee Grinder.

Cold brew, on the other hand, is made with coarse - Coffee Grinder, since this cold-extraction method allows the coffee to sit with the water for a much longer period of time.

EXTRA-COARSE grinding size particles of coffee will be about 1.5 mm as similar to rock salt particles.

This size of Coffee Grinder is best for cold brew. Cold brew is simply coffee that has been brewed with cold rather than hot water and usually involves a long steeping process anywhere between 12-24 hours.

In terms of flavor, cold brew is generally characterized as smooth, low-acid, and heavier than its hot brewed counterparts. 

Communicating the difference between iced coffee and cold brew was difficult. Let alone trying to convince people that this thing called cold brew that comes in an amber stubby bottle isn’t beer.

COARSE size Coffee Grinder beans are about 1 mm in size and similar to coarse sea salt sizes which are best for French press and percolators.

The French press is debatably as old as the percolator, but it never really fell out of fashion in the same way.

It creates and if we talk about percolators. The design of today’s models remains essentially the same.

At the base, you have a water chamber, which also holds the brewed coffee. The ground coffee is held in a metal basket that has been perforated to allow the water to flow through.

As the water in the bottom is heated, the pressure formed pushes the water up a pipe in the brewer’s Centre, well falls over the coffee grounds.

This is why you may see this method referred to as gravity percolation.

MEDIUIM SIZE: In this size of grinding coffee beans are extracted in size of particles like beach sand which are about to 0.75 mm.

this size of Coffee Grinder is most commonly used everywhere, this type of coffee size is best for making pour-over style and also used in drip coffee making.

The pour over method involves pouring hot water through coffee grounds in a filter.

Pour over is also known as filter coffee or drip coffee What sets pour over apart is that it is made by hand-pouring the water over the coffee.

That would otherwise be present in espresso.

MEDIUM FINE : As compared to medium size medium fine size is a bit smaller in particle size, it looks like the particles of table salt.

This brew method should sound familiar to you, as both the French press and the Aero Press use this method for brewing.

Essentially, total immersion is the same as steeping, and usually results in a clearer and lighter flavoured brew.

Medium fine size coffee is used in other coffee brewing methods. One of method is pour-over.

Pour over coffee brewing involves pouring hot water over Coffee Grinder. Gravity then takes over, draining the water through the grounds, out the bottom of the cone, and into your mug 

FINE: As compared to other size fine granulated size are little larger having a size of 0.3 mm.

This Coffee Grinder is great for espresso. Of course, turning an espresso machine requires you to coarsen up or make fine your coffee grind.

Grinding beans for an espresso is very easier in this coffee grinder. You can have a best espresso for your evenings.

SUPERFINE: A perfect blend size of coffee powder mainly used to make Coffee Grinder in which granules are blended into size of 0.1 mm as compared to size of flour particles.

With any coffee brewing method having the correct grind is the key to success.

Get your grind consistency wrong, and you’ll end up with a watery, tasteless cup of Joe.

Turkish Coffee Grinder is even more reliant on that perfect grind, in fact. If you cannot get your coffee ground to a consistency of fine powder. you’ll never be able to brew a real authentic Turkish brew.

Maintenance of coffee grinder

If you are using it every day, so should clean it every week. While grinding beans oil comes out from them stored under the blades.

If it is not cleaned properly then blades becomes rough and smells bad odor and tastes bad also.

You should clean it occasionally if you are storing it so you will get fresh when you going to use it.

Cleaning tips:

You will need some tools to clean it quickly

  • Fiber towel.
  • Large bowl.
  • Dishwashing liquid.
  • Stiff-bristled bottle brush.
  • Rice or cleaning tablets.

Put some rice in the hopper of the grinder and grind it until it converts into powder.

Now empty the hopper of the grinder and clean it with the fiber towel or clean it with fresh water. You can use bottle brush if it needs to clean deep inside.

Blade Grinder V/S Burr Grinders

There are two types of coffee grinders. Blade grinder and burr grinder. But which one is more efficient.

As people buy coffee grinder who uses it mostly in their daily life so it is very important to choose it wisely.

We compare the efficiency on the basis of some factors like which one is easy to use and clean.

Blade grinders: Blade grinders have a blade at the bottom of grinder which chops the coffee beans and spices.

It also depends on the motor quality, But as compared to burr grinders blade grinders are more efficient. Blade grinders are good for your daily espresso.

Burr grinders: As Compared To Blade Grinder Burr Grinder Are Too Expensive That Everyone Can Not Afford.

Burr Grinders Have Two Blades Facing Towards Each Other. When It Comes To Cleaning Burr Grinders Takes Too Much Time And Effort To Clean.

Though people purchase Coffee Grinder for daily uses so it needs time to time cleaning and if cleaning and maintenance takes much time. It will be hard to go for it.

One product for your multiple needs:

One should choose the grinder on the basis of their needs. After seeing both types of grinder and comparing their quality, durability and maintenance.

We prefer to use a blade grinder.

Beside the quality and durability blade Coffee Grinder are easy to use and easy to maintain if you have a busy life style.

The (CHUTTKI) coffee and spices grinder from power guard is affordable and durable.

This product comes with 2 year brand warranty with a very affordable price of Rs. 1999/.

It can make 12 cups of coffee at a time. You can buy Coffee Grinder from official website of Power guard. Hope you will enjoy a better morning with your coffee.