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Power Guard Chopper Hand Press - A hand press chopper is a tool is managed by the person, who works with the electricity.

They come in a variety of many shapes, But all the chopper works perfectly and chops into tiny pieces.

A hand press chopper is usually smaller in size. Chopping vegetables are time-saver and can be problematic with people who have hand issues or who have children.

In the modern world, the traditional knife and cutting board vanishes now they are using chopper machines.

Cutting is not only tasking but also time-consuming. Sometimes it can very difficult to chop some vegetables it is also possible to get an injury.

The requirement of a modern kitchen, Power Guard introduces the choppers to do cutting, chopping, and whipping in seconds.

In the last minutes, you can use the chopper with a range of power guard chopper.


This is a compact kitchen gadget that can easy to do the most difficult chopping task quicker.


  • Make tomato puree and citrus fruit pulp for infants with just a press of your hand.
  • You should Safety switch that ensures the proper fitting of the chopper.
  • Handy & easy to operate.
  • Sleek & Stylish.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 100 % Copper Winding.
  • Made in India.
  • 2 Years Warranty.
  • Hand Press Chopper Used For.

Electric hand press choppers are used to cut foods so that you never came to sharp blades.

Electric chopper is most commonly used for cutting vegetables because they are not cutting hard objects.

But fruits and other foods are also placed in this electric chopper.

Press the function to work the chopper.

The press design of a chopper is similar to the style of a press coffee machine. The food is loaded into a container at the bottom and the top is connected to the jar.

Then, you press the button at the top of the container, which presses the blade onto the food.

Releasing the button will pull the blade which is operated by the motor back into the top of the container.

It is easy to operate with a single hand and very safe for quick work. They can chop your vegetables into tiny pieces.

Power Guard is providing this type of chopper. This type of chopper is easy to operate or work continuously without any heating issue because they have good copper winding electric motor.

Chopper Online

Recipes collection that made easily with this chopper.

It is the perfect tool to quickly and efficiently cut, chop and blend foods and create simple recipes.

You can save so much time using this tool. You can combine fruits, vegetables, cream cheese, and much more to create small servings of meshed potato, sauces, salad, Non-Veg salad and dips all with this chopper.

  • Fruits (banana, mangoes, strawberries, brew berries)
  • Toppings for desserts (caramel, Oreo cookies, chocolate waffles).
  • Vegetables ( onions, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, cabbage).
  • Condiments (ketchup, honey, sugar)
  • Herbs (basil, lemongrass, mint)

It can make dip and sauces, like these all-in-one bowls start with some hard ingredients, chop those, and add some more ingredients. They chop and mix for you.

  • Fresh salsa.
  • Guacamole.
  • Fresh tomato basil pasta sauce.
  • Egg salad.
  • Olive spread.
  • Fruit salsa.
  • Peanut sauce.
  • Chutney sauce.
  • Basil pesto.

Special features for the Chopper: Power Guard Chopper hand press-

Powerful motor- With a powerful motor, the power guard chops all nuts, and veggies in a jiffy as you want.

From fine chopping to making purees, the chopper can do it all while saving your time.

In this chopper motor is used is winding with copper and consumes less electricity which is efficient for the chopper.

Capacity- The choppers have enough capacity to chop 3-4 big onions, capsicum, tomato, etc. at one time.

Saving you from washing again and reusing. They are available in a lot of sizes.

Vegetable Choppers

This makes it more compact to use if you need more choppers that have a large visit the site Power Guard online website has more variety available on the website.

Rubber base- while you operate the chopper, it does not slip this chopper. Power Guard chopper also comes with a rubber ring grip which provides grip while you are using the chopper.

When you are using them in high volume they stick on a surface not moving to other places.

The base is attached to the jar and the base is made of silicon rubber which is more convenient for the product.

Anti-bacterial jar- The chopper also comes with a transparent jar that allows you to have seen a glimpse of foods chopped or purred.

Also, it is made up of food-grade material that doesn’t react with the food making it safe to use & store in a jar.

This product will help the consumers opt for a healthier lifestyle.

Press start operation- The entire chopper task can be performed easily with just a single press to start the chopper.

This product has a motor which works continuously. If you off the button the motor stop working.

Rust-resistant stainless steel blades: The stainless steel blades are rust-resistant which makes them perform long life without any trouble.

They are made of high-quality steel and are light in weight only the upper body is made up of plastic.

Vegetable Cutter

Noise-free - When you are using the chopper they don’t make loud noises because the quality of the product is very.

Good when we push the button they work frequently without making any noise because they have a small motor and less use of electricity.

Power guard hand electric chopper V/S manual chopper

Electric chopper- The electric chopper is better for a large batch. Work continuously without any rest.

In terms of quality of chopping and size of chopping or clean job is perfect no doubt. Another side manual chopper is depending on arm and wrist strength etc.

There is no difference the electric chopper has less human effort. And takes less time for shopping.

It is a little bit more expensive than the manual or non-electric chopper. It comes with limited attachments like a jar, blade, and motor attachment. It is a user-friendly electric chopper.

Manual chopper- The manual chopper is performed by human effort and time-consuming product. Uses pressure to chop fruits and vegetables.

Also comes with more attachments like a peeler, slicer, and cutter. It may take more time to cut the fruit and vegetables.

It comes less at price than the electric chopper. They depend on the power of your arm and strength.

They don’t use electricity and Take too much time for cutting the stuff. This is not friendly for the user.

Maintenance- In this market many styles of the chopper are available. The power guard chopper is easy to maintain.

Onion Chopper

Firstly you need to disassemble the product when your chopping work is complete.

Rinse the entire large food particle under the running water and clean with dish soap to remove the food to see the clean result and place the food chopper for drying.

Take the dry cloth and rinse all the water from the chopper. Don’t take the chopper motor into the water if you take the motor will be destroyed not work properly.

YOU need to unplug the chopper from the switch outlet. Do not use any abrasive items or products which could harm the glass of the jar.

If you use heavily staining foods like tomatoes etc. Clean the product immediately, to prevent discoloration.

The chopper is doing very hard for chopping ingredients in normal kitchen quantities.

The product is only used for commercial use.

There are some Precaution:-

  • Do not place the appliance near gas, stoves, and any flammable device.
  • Do not remove the jar until the blades have stopped moving.
  • Do not use the chopper when the blade is jammed.

Only connect the machine which is accessible, properly installed electric outlet only use 220 volts.

Close to where you need to set the appliance. The appliance must be freely accessible, in case of any problem you need the unplug the appliance quickly.

After 10 sec of continuous usage, you need to pause the machine for 1 minute.
Handle the blade very carefully, including when the jar is empty.

Onion Cutter

Do not fill the jar with more than 2 cups of vegetables, fruits, and any ingredients.
To avoid of risk of damage or any short circuit avoid extension cables.

Only operate the chopper on a stable or plain surface.

When you use the appliance unplug the appliance and stored it in the proper area for the care of the product.

Protect the appliance from moisture or do not expose it to dripping water or spray.
Advantages and disadvantages of chopper Advantages-

The food chopper is designed for chopping hard stuff in normal kitchen usage.
Never care about the appliance itself.

If the power cord is damaged you can replace the power cord by manufacturing outlet immediately.

  • They can reduce kitchen accidents.
  • Germs resistance.
  • Making food preparation and good experience.
  • Easy to maintain and wipe with water and rise all the water with a cloth.
  • You can serve a lot of random stuff for chopping purposes.


Do not take the chopper to children's play because they have sharp blades or electric wires.

Hand Chopper

Do not use the chopper if the wire is cut and the plastic is broken. In the traditional world, the professional knife and cutting board is vanished now.

The appliance is a little expensive to the manual chopper. This chopper only works on electricity.
If the water is poured on the appliance they don’t work.

Conclusion:- It is very simple to use just connect the wire of the chopper to the electric cord outlet. At one point you always know your hand is not near the blades.

This product makes your kitchen very upgraded. By just relying on blades, chopping can be done very easily and comes with many options.

If you are preparing a dish for a large number of members cut the vegetables and stored them in the refrigerator.

It can perform a large number of cutting of vegetables in one go. It is available in the market you can easily buy this on our website.

You can save your time by using it. It is different from another chopper as compared to built quality and price range.

You can work with the chopper continuously without any hassle. You won’t have many risks of blades because they come with stainless blades which are rust-free.

Power guard is offering a smart appliance as your hands are completely safe from having cut on hands while cutting the vegetables.

This is a very convincing small chopper for the kitchen. Now, you can save time, and effort and reduce the pressure. This is given a helping hand in your kitchen.