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Hand Blender.

Power guard Hand blender is made in India no.1 blender with come 750-watt superpower motor.

The Power guard hand blender is one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen. It makes your cooking very easy.

A hand blender is used for many things mainly used in Wisk an egg, creaming or chopping food such as garlic and onion finely or preparing soup and so many users.

The power Guard hander blender is one of the finest blenders which has a long steel rod that is rustproof free and a very sharp stainless steel blade.

Above all, it is very handy and easy to operate. On this hand, the blender gives two types of speed which is high and low, adjust it according to your use.

Immersion Blender

Product Instruction - To reduce time and effort in kitchen work you choose the Power guard Hand blender Its powerful 750-watt motor is very fast for whipping eggs & cream and chopping vegetables. Please allow the Hand Blender motor to cool for some time in between product use.

Splash Free Blender Foot: The splash guard cover keeps the blade covered and safe.

It prevents direct contact of the vessel with the blade and thus prevents splashing and liquid from entering the shaft.

We are safe when you clean the blade of a hand blender, it is a very sharp blade.
Uses of Power Guard Hand Blender

We can use a power guard hand blender for several things from basic blending to the preparing of soup and also used to Wisk an egg, cream.

Blend Liquids
Primarily, power guard hand blenders are your regular blenders that blend liquids, just like your countertop blenders.

Nothing different than the countertop blenders. The only difference is that they are more portable and efficient.

Instead of putting your ingredients in the blending jar, you can directly blend your ingredients in whichever utensils they are in.

It is very easy to make smoothies right in the glass of milk without spilling a drop while transferring the smoothie from jar to glass.

Stick Blender

Mix solids and liquids - A power guard hand blender is suitable for making soups in just a minute. You can simply put the handheld blender in the soup container add the ingredients of the soup and finish it!

Making purees - You can also use this Power Guard hand blender for making purees. You just attach different accessories as per your requirement and there you have your purees. You can also make pastes using this hand blender.

Mix batter - By power Guard hand blender you can use its blade for many multi-purpose.

Not only for making batters you can also use it for whisking eggs for making a fluffier omelet, and other baked delights.

Chop vegetables - Power guard hand blender chopped veggies with its sharp stainless steel blade.

With this hand blender, you can also save your precious time. Its sharp blade cut the veggies very fast just within a minute.

Due to its powerful motor, its blade rotation per minute speed is 18000 RPM which cut very fast.

Cutting meat - Cutting soft meat into small pieces using hand blenders is easy and comfortable.

But you must be very careful while using it because if by chance you add bones along with the meat. Then it would damage the blades of the blender, and you would not want that.

Mincing food - Mincing food is now no more an issue, especially onions that make us cry unnecessarily. No more irritating tears.

Braun Hand Blender

Hand Blender Key Features:-

  • Made in India No.1 Hand Blender.
  • Performance:- Super powerful 750 watts motor.
  • Two-speed control button – low and high.
  • Long steel rod and rust-free steel rod.
  • Sharp steel blades for smooth blending of hot and wet ingredients.
  • Normally used for blending liquid, sauce, and soups.
  • Easy to clean, also dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to operate with a comfortable grip and also wall mounted stand is available.
  • Three sharp stainless steel blades with a protective guard.
  • Premium quality, right value: non-slip design, electric shock-free appliance, and comfortable grip which makes this hand blender the right kitchen appliance.
  • Product replacement warranty: 2 years.

Benefits of Hand Blender - Small and Compact: Power Guard Hand blenders are very small in size and easy to keep in your kitchen. Nonetheless, uses it for various ingredients, so it is worth of money.

Due to its comfortable handy grip, easy to operate and small in size and lightweight, easy to carry anywhere. Consequently, the power guard hand blender is the overall best hand blender rather than the other.

Versatile - Despite its name, Power Guard hand blenders can do a lot more than simply mix. The power guard hand blender is not only used for Wisk an egg or forsake, you can use it for many other things.

Plus, the advantage is that three sharp stainless steel blades with protective guards are used it also for small species for making powder.

Best Hand Blender

Affordability - Despite so much functionality, Power Guard hand blenders aren’t much costly. The power guard hand blender's little yet powerful kitchen appliances are so inexpensive that you can get one for just 2,499 rupees.

When compared to full-fledged food processors, they seem to be even less costly. Lightweight, small in size, used for so many whipping things, and compared to its price, it is worth of money.

Time and energy-saving: When anyone purchases a hand blender-type electric appliance for the kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is both times saving and a less-electric-consumption appliance.

And this is the only thing in power guard hand blender. In power guard, hand blender 750w powerful motor inbuilt in it so that it can blend and Whipping ingredients and chopping veggies within minutes.

This, save your precious time and also saves energy.

Quiet Operation: As it has a 750w powerful motor built in it, Power Guard hand blenders don’t make much noise. It silently blends the ingredients.

Easy to Clean: As already mentioned that it is easy to clean the power guard hand blender. But be safe while you clean the hand blender blade because it is very sharp.

You can separately clean its blade and whole hand blender body. To clean the blade of the hand blender just separate it from the whole body then clean it with a dishwasher.

Also, clean the long steel rode and whole body with also water and put it for dry.

Hand Blender Price

Why you choose Power Guard Hand Blender?

Power Guard hand blender is one of the best hand blenders that make your cooking very easy.

This hand blender has a comfortable handy grip and works very smoothly. Before you buy this you have to know why the Power guard hand blender is an essential purchase.

Powerful motor – The power guard hand blender has a high powerful 750-watt motor that blends the ingredients in just a minute.

This powerful motor support the continuous blending of the hard ingredients. Additionally, the motor is tested for more than 3 years of life.

Everyone thinks due to the heavy watt motor it is too much noise. But this is not happening with Power Guard Hand blender.

Without any doubt, it is a powerful 750-watt silent motor. Due to the super powerful silent motor its rotation per minute (RPM), speed is 18000 RPM which is very high as compared to another hand blender.

Product quality –Power guards do not compromise with their product build quality. Its build quality material used in it, very good.

The stainless steel blade is very sharp and fine to use, the body of the product is made of tough plastic which is not easily breakable, and also has a comfortable handgrip.

An easy press button is built that adjusts the speed of the blender. The superpower motor of the Power Guard hand blender is 750 watts which are 100% copper binding.

Orpat Hand Blender

The steel road used in the Power Guard hand blender is long and made of hard steel which is also rust-free.
Stainless Steel blade –

The stainless steel blade of the power guard hand blender is a multi-purpose blade. Its stainless steel blade is used for whipping cream & eggs, whisking beverages, and chopping vegetables.

Its blade is very sharp which cuts the ingredients very fast and fine. The power guard Hand blender blade is a rust-free blade and its sharpness is not reduced even after long use.

After washing with scrub doesn’t happen with its blade.

Safety – Power Guard Company makes a safe, secure, and electric shock-freehand blender. There is proper testing of the hand blender of its operational part before packaging.

There is also proper tearing of wiring. This hand blender home appliance is electric shockproof and hence ensures complete safety during operation.

Value of Money – The power Guard hand blender is the value of money that it provided for the facilities and services. This electric hand blender is available in very good in price at just Rs. 2499 and it is worth of money.

Powerful motor 750 watt that saves your precious time and also less consumption of electricity.
Advantages of Power Guard Hand Blender

The advantage of a hand blender is very small in size and very light weighted. It is easy to clean separately its blade and the whole hand blender.

It is easy to keep in the kitchen by its small in size and also mounted in-wall facility available.

Power Guard Hand Blender is very easy to operate and easy to clean. This hand blender gives you a speed controllable button, by this button you can adjust two types of speed adjust high and low.

The speed of the hand blender is adjusted according to the ingredients blend. Likely, if you whip eggs and cream, run at normal speed and if you chopped vegetables, run into fast mode.

This electric hand blender is a time-saving product as well as less electricity consumption.


Power Guard Hand blenders are very popular products in the electronics market. Thus, it seems a compact size product, but it has many outstanding features.

You can carry it in your little bag. Hand blenders do most of the mixer’s job. These are cheaper in price and easy to operate.

Blenders are one of those products which save our time and give us a good experience. Despite using those big mixers, hand blenders can be operated with the use of a single hand.

It also saves your electricity, as compared to those large mixers. If you do it manually you will not get much satisfaction.

While mixing liquid base products, a perfect blend is important. If your shakes and smoothies won’t taste better, then it is worthless to have them.

Hand blenders will give you a perfect mixture of your ingredients.

So before choosing a hand blender you should compare all the specifications you are getting in it.