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Mixer Grinder.

Power guard is the best for making of home appliance such as Mixer Grinder. You are spending a lot of time in kitchen and this appliance is major part of the day.

When you are searching of the Mixer Grinder you see the power guard appliance is the best in the market.

In such appliance has lot of features come in the Mixer grinder. Like good wattage, built quality, jars capacity is pack in one appliance.

Mixer grinder are normally use in the kitchen and make you kitchen full fill. If you ever use this appliance you know the importance of grinder.

Mixer grinders are available in the lot of variety the difference only in power or jars capacity.

They can easy your work and you may save your time and effortless to use. You make lot of recipes through this appliance and make your family joy full.

You can do continuously work with it. This appliance is easy to use and maintain.

Blades of Mixer Grinder-when you searching or buy the Mixer Grinder you usually see the quality of the blades then you decide for buy the product.

Most of grinder made of stainless steel which is more versatile to use make sturdier.

Stainless steel blades are work faster and grind finer. Different type of blades comes with jars.

The quality of blades grinder make more premium look and durable. Power

guard makes all the appliance blades with stainless steel. Every household wants their product top-notch and make your health good.

Also these blades are easy to wash rinse with water and clean easily. You know the stainless steel is rust free.

Number of jars-Power guard provides you 4 jars or 3 jars with the appliance depend which appliance are going to buy.

Some jars are small in size some are bigger all the jars works different depends what type grind material you want for you recipes.

With jars closer lid is also come that can close the jars. Also the separated jars for liquidizing, grinding and making chutney can ease the operations.

They can give you a comfort for do lot of works on a single appliance.

Jars capacity and quality-The bigger jar make works efficiently and without any load.

The small jars for grinding the spices which is more works more capable then bigger jar.

In jars total quantity is 5 liter of capacity. They jars is made of polycarbonate material which is more durable than other and other jars is made of stainless steel which is rust free and easy to wash.

The bigger is 1.5 liter of capacity with fruit filter. These jars are very hygienic that is good for your health.

The closed lid is very tight enough of not through ingredients outside from jars.

Grinder speed Knob-Most of mixer grinder has speed knob which is control the rotation of blades which is depends on you how much fine grind materials you want.

In the Mixer grinder has 4 speed knobs which is very fast enough of use the grinder perfectly.

They work fine is single speed. Some foods are grinder perfectly in single speed knob and some are very hard to grind in four speed.

Grind perfectly which is good for manufacturing the Mixer.

Why do you need of mixer grinder When you have don’t spend the time for grind your ingredient with non electric grinder these grinder have save you time and energy and works perfectly you make lot of recipes with this single appliance.

These appliances have must in your kitchen and make more reliable to use. You can do multiple works with mixer grinder.

You can easily make fruits juice and grinding your ingredients without any problem. You also grind wet ingredients in it.

Comparison to manual grinder the electric grinder is more perfectly works and don’t make wastage of materials.

Manual grinder is operates by human and give strength and effort and the other side electric grinder is automatic and time saving works without any human strength.

Specification-In this product the quantity of jars is 4 which are sufficient for working separately.

In this grinder the motor has 1 hp heavy duty double sealed ball bearing motor. The motor has speed knob which is easy to control the speed of motor and the jars has incher that can measure the quantity of ingredients.

The quantity of jars is 1.5 liter is made of polycarbonate material and comes with fruit filter.

Some of the mixer grinder has main cord winding adjustable which is mainly for space spacing.

The motor is 100% copper winding that can make more powerful compare to other mixer grinder.

This product is made in India that can good for our wealth. This product comes with 2 years of warranty.

Things you never put in the grinder-When you buy this product you know some ingredients and liquids are never put in the grinder.

They are harm for your jars and some cases the blades may not work properly. When you are working with the mixer grinder you also know the hot liquids are not pour into the jar they can produce heat and destroy the parts of jars.

Don’t fill up to top that can’t rotate normally also gets pour outside from the jar. Frozen foods are not good for the grinder like frozen veggie and fruits or ice cube.

Always when you using the grinder your hands are away from the blades always cover the jar for safety purpose.

Individual safety and overload protection-While using the mixer grinder you always know the safety procedure or overload protection.

When using the appliance power supply cord is fit properly in the circuit switch that may not cause the short circuit.

You may even know the continuous work on this mixer grinder is only 90 minutes then take some rest to appliance.

Then can cause the overload the appliance if the power is overload they have overload protection that can stop the power supply and cause safety of burning the mixer grinder.

Food safety-When you are using the appliance makes sure the jar is clean and don’t have any food stick on jar.

Hot ingredients and liquids cool down before grinding the ingredient because the jars may heat up with hot foods they create steam that can blow the jar cover while grinding is running.

Don’t store the jar in refrigerator when the food in it. This appliance is rust free that can make your food hygienic.

After using the mixer grinder clean the jars and store in dry place. This procedure makes your health good while mixing and grinding food with this appliance.

Wattage-Power guard made a lot of variety of mixer grinder all have comes with different wattage e.g. 1.1HP, 810 watts, 925 watts etc.

They depends on you what wattage is sufficient for your work. More watts mean more powerful and work fast.

This mixer grinder gets the job done with minimum noise.

Motor-Generally the motor is winding with copper and this mixer grinder motor are 100% copper winding which is more capable then other mixer and work sufficiently for a long time.

In extra usage the grinder motor is getting hotter when they getting normal then use it.

The copper used in this appliance is made up of high quality copper. This grinder has effectively works without any rest.

This premium quality product is superior to the other product. This appliance is must have in your kitchen that can make your life easier.

Warranty-Power guard provides you the total 2 years warranty that is sufficient for any product.

If the Mixer grinder are not working then the manufacture is resolve the issue or some replace the product without any problem.

The damaged of outer body is not be claimed through manufacture. When the motor is damaged cause of water or any liquid this appliance not to be replaced. Motor is not working then the manufacture replaces your appliance.

The product is only replaced or claim in the warranty period. When you are reading this you have thinking some point how to claim the warranty.

When you have this product you have the warranty card in the box then call the care center and tell about the problem if the problem is genuine then the product is replaced or repair.

Prices of mixer grinder - When you are searching of mixer grinder, you see a lot of variety available in the market with various prices it depend on you what features you want.

On power guard online total 4 varieties are available on store. They have some difference of quantity of jars or some come with juicer filter.

The main difference is power wattage of motor that gives you a better performance that can mix and grind quickly more wattage means more power and great performance.

The price of the diamond mixer grinder is Rs.5, 499 higher than other mixer grinder and galaxy mixer grinder price is Rs.3, 999 lower than other three mixers grinder.

The quality of product has same even you buy the other mixer grinder from Power guard.

The entire mixer grinders have some basic difference which is very common for all appliances.

In the market mixer grinders is very high in price but power guard is provides off on all the appliance with mixer grinders gets you in low prices with great quality.

Our company wants a great relationship to customer with no compromise to the appliances that gives you a great experience.

Advantages-The mixer grinder has a lot of advantages such as you can make whip cream from milk and fresh juice drink with the appliance.

This mixer grinder is a versatile product. You can grind any ingredients you want in grinder jar.

This product is common in every kitchen. You can make lot of different food stuff with this mixer grinder.

This machine reduces manual work and save you time for making food. Pureeing, mixing, grinding and chopping all they work in appliance designed for multiple tasks.

You can clean this grinder easily and maintenance is very easy. They help you to upgrade your kitchen looks and seem very good.

They give you a decorated stylish kitchen. Must you have decided the perfect size and color for your kitchen.

Disadvantages -They have some disadvantages in mixer grinder. The loudness of mixer grinder is very high and irritating sound come from it.

You don’t even hear the voice of other person in the same room. But if any reason the motor noise is very high then contact the manufacture soon as possible.

And the second disadvantage is sharpness of the blades. Generally when you are using or washing the jars your hands are away from the blades.

When you are working with mixer grinder make sure the lid is closed or not fill overload in the jars.

Also you know when the mixer grinder is running don’t put your hands in it they may cause a serious injury or wounded your fingers.

This appliance is harmful for children and takes away from it, placed in safe place even children don’t reach to mixer grinder.

Conclusion -The mixer grinder is very useful appliance for kitchen. They reduce your effort for making dishes.

This appliance makes our life easier and comfortable. You can do lot of works on a single mixer grinder.

Mixer grinder save your time and reduce manual effort. We can make lot of dishes in a few minutes.

Making juices and grind ingredients are now easiest job on earth. This product is affordable and all kitchens have this product, you don’t even think about this product just buy it.

Every kitchen has this product. In this price segment power guard gives you the best mixer grinder comparison from other brand mixer grinder.

Power guard is an ideal product, makes you work easier and complete your work in a minutes, especially when you are running for short time.

Overall this is the perfect choice of your kitchen and make you kitchen fulfill.