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Mixer Blender.

One of the necessary appliances in your kitchen is used to mix your food items and can crush your eatables in perfect smooth texture.

A standard mixer blender is a lot more worthy thing for your time-consuming kitchen work. Different items need a different kinds of mixing and blending.

So, despite buying all of them, you can depend on this mixer blender for your crushing and mixings.

Though there are many kinds of Mixer Blenders and mixers present in the market. But why one would go for them if you get all of those facilities in one product.

There are 7 types of Mixer Blenders. Some of them are used for home use only, but this standard mixer blender is the only product that can be used for both commercial and home uses.

In this revolutionary world, electronic appliances are becoming part of our daily life.

This is a plus point and somewhere a minus point also. A good one is that now you can do your work in just minutes, which gives you a good experience and saves your precious time.

Mixer Blender

But yet it is an electronic product, it will cost you electricity. Not as much, but if you are using a service.

It will cost you something. It would be better to save your time by using it.

HIGHLIGHTS:- As a buyer, you should see the features you are getting in your product. Commonly standard mixer blenders are considered powerful Mixer Blenders.

But there are also other things that you should see before buying it. It has a powerful full copper winded motor of 925 watts. It can run at a high RPM of 22000.

I think at this speed your hard food items can be crushed into very fine quality. It doesn’t cost you much electricity; it can run at 230 to 240 volts and doesn’t need a voltage amplifier.

It needs only 50 Hz of voltage frequency. You can work all day on it if needed. One of the attractive features is that it can run up to 90 minutes continuously.

You can run it as per your need for blending with its 3-speed control knob. It also has 1 customized rotator speed control.

Despite using it for a long time, it won’t heat much, because its motor is covered with a double insulated material.

Though this heavy-duty mixer blender is known for its running capacity and heavy work. It is important how durable it is.

Some mixer blender claims the stability and sharpness of blades. Yet they miss one of the basic things for their stability.

Stick Blender

Stability depends on how much strong your jar is and how the blades are fitted. If we talk about this product, its blades are perfectly balanced which is important for a perfect blend.

Otherwise, the ingredients will not perfectly mix. A good Mixing needs a good quality jar.

This mixer blender comes with 2 jars of different capacities which are made of polycarbonate.

Jars have an aluminum base which adds stability. These were some of the basic features which you will get with this mixer blender.

TYPES OF MIXER BLENDER: in the category of blenders, there are different kinds of blenders.

All of them have different uses and specifications. These are hand Mixer Blenders, stick blenders, single-serve blenders, portable blenders, countertop blenders, stand blenders, and standard mixer blenders.

Of these all mixer blenders, standard mixer blenders are one of the most used and reliable mixer blenders.

These are used in homes, hotels, cafés, and restaurants.

HAND Mixer Blender: These blenders are designed like a blender but only work as a mixer.

It has two stem-like metal rods which can mix ingredients by putting them inside a bowl or any open utensil. It doesn’t have blades, so it can only blend your liquids.

STICK Mixer Blender: One of the famous and easy-to-use blenders, which have a blade at the bottom of the metal stick.

It is used by putting it inside the utensil. It can crush the ingredients but not in a fine way. It doesn’t have a timer.

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You have to keep the button pressed for a long time. These Mixer Blenders also have vibrations that are bearable for a short time period.

But if you have to use it for more mixings, then this will be not a good option for you

SINGLE SERVE BLENDER: These types of blenders are mostly used for making smoothies.

This Mixer Blender has a sharp blade facing upwards. It would be best for smoothie making, but its capacity is only for one or two persons.

Its jar is like a shaker and can be used for drinking.

PORTABLE Mixer Blenders: These types of blenders are in trend. It is good for single-person use and can be fitted in your bag.

This can be a good product for making baby food or your protein shakes wherever you want. But capacity is also an issue in this Mixer Blender. It has a capacity of just a glass.

COUNTERTOP Mixer Blender: This type of Mixer Blender has a jar with medium capacity. A rotator blade is fixed at the bottom.

Its jar has a lid that consists of an opening hole at its top. You can buy it for medium quantity use like for making shakes and juices.

STAND MIXER BLENDER: This mixer blender has a big bowl under the mixer motor. All ingredients are mixed by putting them in a bowl.

It is best for making material for cakes and mixings of liquids. The blending blades are in the shape of molded hard steel wire. It is not good for mixing hard ingredients.

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STANDARD MIXER BLENDERS: Most market-owning blenders, with large capacity and small as well.

Standard mixer blenders are one of the products on which the Indian market is relying for a long time.

With more capacity, a powerful motor and sharp blades make blending more easily and perfectly.

All types of grinding can be done in this type of blender. Except for the portable blender, others are just downgraded from this one.


If you are going to spend money on a mixer blender. Then you must know the pros and cons of the product.

TIME SAVER PRODUCT: Mixing and blending is not very complex work. But to decrease the load of kitchen work, this type of mixer blender is a must-have thing.

Its motor is a highlighted quality which makes it powerful. It will do any type of mixing and blending in just minutes.

If you are having a little party at home, and you don’t want your guest to be waiting. Just leave your work to your mixer blender.

PERFECT QUALITY BLENDED FOOD: As long as the food is blended in a mixer, the finer quality you will get.

For a perfect blend of ingredients, you should check the number of liquids as well as solid material.

It should be in perfect ratio; otherwise, your mixture either will be too hard or too soft.

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HAND FREE USE: Most of the kitchen work needs to be done by hand. That would take much time and effort.

There are many appliances which make your work easy in less time. But buying all of the products for every different work is not worthy.

This mixer grinder will give you a comfortable experience, you just have to put your ingredients in the jar and turn on the power.

As compared to other blenders like stick blenders and single-serve blenders, this one doesn’t need your hands to be held. There will be no vibrations and pain anymore in your hands.

POWER AND EFFICIENCY: Mostly people are attracted by the power and efficiency in this kind of blenders.

It is an important point for a buyer to know about force and proficiency of the product.

Every company in the market claims that their product is better from other. Although it depends on buyers that what should they like.

We always prefer to check all statics like power consumption and motor power. It’s 925 watt fully copper winded motor generates large amount of power, through which motor can run up to 22000 RPM.

This amount of force can blend your frozen fruits in just minutes.

DURABLE AND LONG LASTING: kitchen appliances cannot be bought every year. Nobody wants to put their money in a product which cannot stay for a good period of time.

Electric Blender

So before buying you should check the built quality and material of the product. If the product is built with better quality, it will stay for a long time.

For this mixer blender, we can say that you will not regret with built quality. It is designed with good quality plastic with polycarbonate jars and copper winding motor.

So built quality is not an issue with this mixer blender. It is a durable product and I can bet that it will not go anywhere for 5-6 years. But it also depends on how you use it.

AFFORDABLE PRICE RANGE: Price is also the main issue with mixer blenders. As we know, it is a kind of product which is used everywhere.

From home use to commercial use, from middle-class families to the rich class everyone wants this product in their kitchen.

It is important that the product should be in an affordable price range. So that everyone can buy it.

When you are getting all kinds of facilities in this price range, then why you would go for those expensive brand products.

Keeping a brand's name in mind will confuse you in buying a good product. This is seen that sometimes famous brands deliver defective products.

I think you should compare first and then select your product. You can find a lot of mixer blenders under 5000 Rs/-.

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But before buying, compare all the components and power statistics of the product.

LESS WASTAGE: As you know that mixer blenders mix your items and chop them into a liquid base.

So wastage is not an issue in this product. You can take out the remaining by using a spoon or a spatula.

Its jars are fitted with a double lid. So it won’t splash your food out. All of the items are crushed inside the jar and won’t be wasted anymore.


LOUD NOISE: If you are seeking a powerful product then you have to bear some drawbacks.

Yet it consists of a powerful motor of 925 watts which rotates the motor at high speed. So it will cause a noise which is normal.

Its noise won’t go far from your kitchen. I think that much noise is bearable.

SHARP BLADES: you must take precautions with this product if you have children in your home.

As we all know that it has very sharp blades, so you must take care that your children won’t put something in it.

Its sharp blades can harm if someone put their hand in it. Make sure where you put it that area must be cleaned.


Using a mixer grinder is just a child’s play. It won’t bother you much. Just place it to a safe and clean place.

Now connect its cord to the plug. Make sure you have a three-pin plug for better connectivity.

Bullet Mixer

Add your ingredients to the jar and fit into the motor side of the mixer blender. Turn the speed knob as per your need.

We recommend that you must start from low to medium then go for high speed. This will not make more force on the motor and helps it to stay longer.


Maintaining a mixer blender can be done in just a few steps. If you maintain it regularly, it will stay longer as expected.

All you have to do is just give a quick clean after every use. This will make it hygienic and clear out the remains of ingredients.

REGULAR CHECK LUBRICANTS: No doubt, it is a great product. But it is an electronic product and it also needs lubrication from time to time.

So you must check it, if it is making any sound or when you its speed is decreasing. Then you should take it to the electrician for service.

DEEP WASH: It is recommended for the user’s to clean it after every use. But you must give it a deep clean one or two times a month if you are using it regularly.

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Just disassemble the mixer blender. Dip them in Luke's warm water for 15 minutes. Add some detergent liquid and baking soda to the water.

Now rinse all of the parts with clean water and let them soak.

CONCLUSION:-- As you have read its specifications, advantages, and disadvantages in the above section.

It is easy to make the decision for you to buy it. This is an evergreen product for single as well as for whole family use.

It is a perfect gift for loved ones. With a very affordable price range and better-built quality, you will not find any mixer blender at this price.

You have to spend a lot of money on those branded expensive blenders which is not a wise thought.

It is an Indian-made product and famous in the Indian market. The warranty period is of 2 years.

If anything will happen to this mixer blender, you can contact our customer care service. All over it will not make you regret buying this.