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A fine designed product for your regular use to get fresh and healthy glass of juice.

A fresh glass of juice in the morning can bring great productivity and increase energy, focus and mental clarity.

It can boost your metabolism and detoxify your body if you make a habit of having juice in you daily routine.

Buying juice at out places can be more time consuming and sometimes not healthy, so having a juicer on your own will be great.


  • 450 watts single speed motor.
  • Easy juice extraction.
  • Detachable and Easy to clean.
  • 100 % Copper Winding .
  • Made in India .
  • 2 Years Warranty.


DESCRIPTION - Presenting you Power guard Juicy a traditional centrifugal juicer most commonly used in homes, shops and hotels.

A product every kitchen need - Blend your fresh fruits and vegetables with perfection and enjoy your great juicy experience with power guard juicer.

The product comes in 450 watts power under an affordable price range with superior build quality and 100% copper winding motor that gives you a great hassle free juice making.

Though there are many types of juicers are available in the market, but there are 6 types of juicers which are commonly used in homes.

From those 6 types one of the juicer is centrifugal types, which is very often used in homes.

Shops and hotels for personal and professional uses. It can mesh hard fruits and veggies easily.             

Basically, centrifugal juicers works on centrifugal force formula in which a metal cutting disc runs on an average RPM of 10000 to 25000.

And mesh fruits and vegetables and extract juice to funnel attached.

In process of extracting juice centrifugal force is applied on the disc surface that’s why these juicers named as centrifugal juicers.

Pulp of fruits and vegetables is passed through and you get fresh juice.


There are many types of juicers available in the market, but if you are looking for a quick drink before going to work or after your workout.

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Then a centrifugal juicer is the best option for you. Here are some advantages that you get after purchasing it.

Less Expensive: Although it cost you some money, but it is much affordable as compared to other juicers in the market.

It will cost you around Rs2499 to Rs3000. There are some expensive juicers are in the market with same specifications.

Other brands are just costing money for their brand names. If you can get a better product under this price range with superior build quality then why waste time on looking other brands.

Easy to use: If it comes to choice between centrifugal and other types, I will always prefer centrifugal juicers. This is one of the best of juicer in all types of juicer.

Very convenient to handle and easy to use, does not need much maintenance. You can easily wash in just two steps. After extracting juice just open the pulp container and get it out.

To clean inside disc blade pour some water in fruit section and run the juicer for a minute. It will get cleaned.

Time Saver: Everybody is getting a busy in today’s lifestyle, so investing your time for just a glass of juice is not worthy.

So having a centrifugal type of juicer will be time saver for you.

It extracts juice from fruits and vegetables in just seconds. Just put your remaining fruits or veggies and have a great juice.

Remove pesticides: As like other benefits, it has a unique benefit of removing pesticides from your juice.

Pesticides are being used in all of fruits and vegetables to protect them from germs.

Slow Juicer

Before use we often wash the fruits but some amount of pesticide remains on them. Those remaining pesticide chemical are removed when fruits or veggies are meshed in the juicer.

It is a plus point for your healthy glass of juice.

Myths about Centrifugal Juicers: - -

Less Output - The centrifugal juicers runs at very high RPM speed, so there is a myth about them that you will not get whole of the ingredients.

But at this high speed of metal disc whole pulp is evenly extracted and full amount of juice is taken out.

So before getting confused of buying it you should try it with some ingredients and experience on your own.

Loud Noise - As we know that it comes with a powerful motor of 450 watts which rotates the metal disc at high speed.

So production of sound is very common. But sound of this product is bearable which is not so loud. And hence it is very fast so sound is not a problem for long time.

Imperfect for leafy vegetablesLeafy vegetables and wheat grass will create some problem but if you use them properly.

Do not put whole of the wheat grass or leafy vegetables, otherwise it got stuck inside.

Wipe-Out Nutrients: As we know that its powerful motor runs at high speed, so it produces little amount of heat.

But it does not affect nutrients of the juice. A little amount of Heat and oxidation is produced while making juices.

Cold Press Juicer

But it is normal to expect from machines like this. And there is no specific evidence that it lowers the nutrients.

Nutrients get destroyed at a temperature of 140f and the recorded temperature of the metal disc of juicer is rarely touches temperature about 80f.

The only thing we should worry about is oxidation which is very common in all type of juicers.

So whenever you are making juice you should wash ingredients well then use them use it soon as possible and put the remaining in refrigerator.

Power guard juicy Centrifugal juicer V/S Masticating juicer.

Centrifugal Juicers: These types of juicers are known as fast juicer which is very popular in market and most commonly used in Indian market.

Because it gives juice very quickly and is easy to use. It is detachable and easy to clean and works well with hard fruits like Carrot and beetroot.

The juicer takes fruits and vegetables and pushed through the tube where ingredients get cuts from disc blade which runs at high RPM and juice passes through the tiny holes.

The texture of juice we get from it is smooth and consistent and can lasts for days. 

Separations will be less in juice which makes color of juice bright and looks good.  These juicers are easily available in the market with a very affordable price range.

Lemon Squeezer

Masticating JuicersThese kind of juicer are known as slow juicers and rarely used in the market.

Some people prefer it but in the present time centrifugal juicers have replaced them from both homes and market.

Masticating juicers have a lot of drawbacks like if you compare to any centrifugal juicer they are more time consuming.

The ingredients should have been cut first by hand. Then you can extract juice from them and it takes a lot of your time.

Because they have a narrow chute so a small quantity of ingredients can be put into it.

These juicers have a lot of parts to clean which adds more time in maintenance.

Masticating juicers are tends to be more expensive and if you are going to spend your money then why someone should go for it.  

CLEANING TIPS FOR YOUR JUICER - After every use you should clean your juicer, if a little bit of pulp stays in it for long time, it will be hard to remove later.

As much you maintain your juicer longer it will stays. Just give 5 to 10 minutes in cleaning it and add it in your daily routine.

If you are using it daily then you should give a deep clean every week.

For make a quick clean you should have cleaning tools and material like Sponge, bottle brush or a toothbrush, a microfiber cloth and a dishwasher.

To make a cleaning solution you need dishwashing liquid or detergent powder, you can add a spoon of baking soda or white vinegar in it.

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  • After using it, power off the juicer and unplug it from the plug.
  • Now disassemble the juicer and put each part aside carefully.
  • Empty the pulp container and put the pulp in bowl, you can use it later in many recipes.
  • Add detergent or dishwashing liquid in water and let the parts get soaked for at least five minutes. Use a toothbrush or bottle brush to clean the components.
  • Now rinse all of the components with hot water and let them dry for some time.
  • After getting dry clean the components with a clean cloth, micro fiber cloth will be best if you have one.
  • After every part gets clean and dry assemble all of the parts, now it is ready for your next use.
  • Place the juice away from high temperature and direct sunlight.
  • Never leave the juicer ON after use, and do not let the motor submerged in water.
  • The product is designed for household uses, do not use for other purposes.

WEEKLY DEEP CLEANING - Not everyone can give much time in cleaning daily, so must go for a deep clean every week.

Whenever you feelingredients are getting hard on the components, go for a deep clean.

All you have to do just follow the steps of normal cleaning, but when making solution add some baking powder in it.

Now let the components get soaked for 15 minutes and scrub them with a bottle brush until they get cleaned.

Juice Maker

Now Rinse with fresh water and dry the components using a clean cloth. Sometimes juice spots remains on the juicer, even they are not removed after cleaning.

Use white vinegar and let the juicer components get soak in it. Rinse them with hot water and clean with a sponge. After it got dry store in a cool and safe place.


  • Always use a three pin plug while using it.
  • Do not put any other things like any metal or something else.
  • As it is 100% shock proof but for safety keep out reach of children.
  • If you ever notice any kind of smell, immediately turn off it and contact electrician.
  • Never let the plug or cord get wet. If cord breaks from anywhere, repair it immediately from an electrician to prevent risk of shock.
  • Regularly check you plug and sockets. If you see any burn marks on the plug, hear any cracking sound or it is getting too much hot contact to electrician. Never try to repair it yourself otherwise warranty will not be claimed.
  • After purchase, you should register your product with manufacture, in any chance of faulty serious damage can happen to the product, so its important to register your product warranty.
  • If anything is got stuck in the juicer do not remove by hand, use any brush or tool to remove it.
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A GREAT COMPANION FOR YOUR DAILY LIFE - A product that keeps you healthy saves your time and build a great habit of having a glass of juice in your daily diet.

As we have seen all aspects of using a centrifugal juicer (power guard juicy), this is the product you were looking for it.

Instead of using manual juicers which have a lot of disadvantages power guard juicy is the best product you can easily get in market or you can order it online.

Superior build quality, great looks and 100% copper winding makes it different from other juicers.

Now you can enjoy juicy experience anytime anywhere just with a single click.

This fast juicer is the best option for you if you are having a busy life style to save time, can be used continuously for long time without any hassle.

POWER GUARD JUICY can mesh hard fruits easily and is have a very affordable price range of Rs 2500 which is good as compared to other juicers in the market.